Mid life crisis, is a prevalent and a widespread modern day syndrome, which a lot of  Indian women face but only a handful are able to overcome.

Mid life crisis, faced by women aged as young as 25, is a prevalent and a widespread modern day syndrome, which a lot of women face but only a handful are able to overcome. What is this syndrome? And why is it important to talk about it? It is important because mid life crisis is the major causes of diseases like depression, heart problems, breast cancer and the list goes on.

We do not talk about this syndrome in Indian society because we don’t realize that it has become so common. There are reasons why most of the Indian women are not able to overcome this and read more to know why does this happen and what can you do to avoid this phase in your life starting in your early 30’s. 

kangana ranuat crying Modern Day Syndrome of Indian Women

This crisis is just a comma in the story of your life where you feel the need of asking yourself that what’s next? In the American society, it is common to see a 40-year-old lady having an affair with a 20-year-old boy or a 55-year businessman wanting to spend his money on prostitutes than his own wife just to get his life a bit interesting. Comparing to the Indian society, women here also do have extra marital affairs resulting in marriage troubles and hence, lifting up the divorce rates.

But, some women also start to experience problems in their health resulting in depression, anxiety issues and even some serious health related diseases. And you should know that a planned post married life can very well help you overcome this hideous period which we all get scared of.

1. Plan your first kid in your early thirties

This will give you time to adjust in your married life, travel peacefully without any kid troubles. Also, its wiser if you plan your first kid after you are done living off your in law’s money. Make sure your husband is absolutely independent by the time you plan your first kid. This has a direct co-relation with mid life crisis as if you plan a kid early in your life, the chances of a mid life crisis rise sharply.

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 2. Be a bit ambitious

Don’t think that now that you have a kid, your life is just the kid and the husband and his family. You are an independent person with wants and desires from life. Some interests and hobbies should keep you occupied. Don’t let them die after few years of marriage. Make sure you have an ambition, which drives you, and something you are passionate about. Remain motivated and take inspiration from our women leaders around the world who have shown a great balance between work and family.

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3. Keep a check on your appearances

Yes, you might witness some major changes in your body like baby fat, wrinkles on your face, dark circles to name a few. Don’t think that the days of dress to impress are over. Your husband still wants to see you look beautiful and fit like and not wrapped in a large sized blue nighty looking dress. It’s important that you love yourself first before anyone else to love you. Make sure you maintain yourself because people still look at you and compare you to how you used to look. Join fitness classes and follow a healthy diet to ensure you don’t lose the glow of your twenties so early. Who doesn’t want to have an attractive wife? Surprise him with new and improved you as and when you feel the need.

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4. Maintain your social connections

After marriage and kids, Indian women tend to forget that there is a world apart from this, which they used to relish once. Family commitments should not interfere with your social networking. Make sure you are still connected with your old friends with whom you used to get crazy with. As an individual, you cannot be socially disconnected and be happy. Being socially active helps in reducing hypertension and makes you become a positive thinker.

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 5. Ensure a healthy romantic relationship

Romance in your married life should not end after kids and family. Make sure you still manage to take out time to go out for dinners and vacations alone. It is important to sustain the spark as long as you can and make considerable efforts to do so.

Ash Abhishek Romance Modern Day Syndrome of Indian Women

By: Vidhi Sagar

Image Source: Sonakshi Sinha, QueenQueen Facebook Page, Aishwarya

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