Karwa Chauth is an age-old custom followed by the husband-loving Indian women, but the modernization of the society had killed its essence and charm,

‘Fashion’, nay, ‘fashun’ has swallowed up the sombre traditions our ancestors watered to keep them preserved for us. But, the escalating modernization, sadly, has diminished the societal traditions. It’s not that I’m opposed to westernization, but I’m truly offended to see some significant traditions withering away under the weight of so-called modernism.

Being a spinster yet, I hold in not even an iota of experience a woman undergoes on this ‘day’ which as per the folklore, charges up a husband’s life rendering them more breaths in their life which without ‘Karva Chauth’ fast isn’t possible. To be candid and rational enough, I do not nod in contentment with the preceding words typed by my own fingers. For I find the logical link missing and such dizzy logic inherited by the ancestors fails to convince my discreet mind.

karva chauth moon Where Modernism Mocks ‘Karwa Chauth’, I Upvote It

Having expressed my discontentment with the kernel-idea behind ‘Karva Chauth’, I would like to concoct a cocktail of my own thoughts in the support of ‘Karva Chauth’. Since my toddler days, I’ve seen my mom starving, to diffuse a sweet essence, fasting throughout the day until the first glimpse of moon. Much to my wonder, moon is always deliberate to unveil itself late on this made-for-husband day. As soon as the silver solid figure shows itself up, prayers and offerings are bestowed upon it, following which crops up the best part (best to me)when ‘Dad’ with all his tenderness dispense off the first morsel into my mom’s mouth. Something ultimate, something really fascinating and I love it to the core.

So, what matters is the love that shines brighter along the fast, the hunger that gets appeased with a bite from husband’s hand, the starvation that has husband’s love to stand by, the wait that ceases with a lovely full-stop, the feeling that dust off the layered misunderstandings and a lot more to word here.

karwa chauth songs Where Modernism Mocks ‘Karwa Chauth’, I Upvote It

It’s pretty fair to pace up with the pacing modernity and embrace the newness, but not at the cost of ‘old-traditions’. Don’t let modernization take the custody of your soul and operate it the way it wants. Rather, you take the custody of your soul and let it relish the every shade of life, be it out-of-date or up-to-date.

By Prerna Daga

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