Introduction of new notes of 2000 is giving away a room to the corruption to re-enter back. How do you opine the decision of introducing 2000 note?

While I support the demonetization move , I fail to understand why the govt. introduced 2000 rupee note . 
This would make it easy for the corrupt to make up for their losses in the coming days.
Those who have lost the bribe money will come back with a vengeance and what better than a 2000 note ?
new notes Can Corruption Again Sneak In Via The New Notes Of 2000?
Government should have gone a little deeper ( or it didn’t because it wanted to compensate the losers ? ) into the processes of corruption to eliminate the big notes , to print big notes at irregular intervals , streamline real estate & bullion / jewellery markets as well as equity markets , mutual funds etc to spread the tax net and eliminate black money.
modi combats black money Can Corruption Again Sneak In Via The New Notes Of 2000?
To begin with,- Rs.2000/- notes should be restricted — why they are needed , in the first place , if the govt is moving
towards cashless dealing ? What exactly is the objective of Rs.2000/- note should be clarified by Govt and RBI in open
By NS Rao
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