None of the ‘non-violent movements’ led by the Mahatma had become a lesson in our curriculum even after seven decades of getting freedom. What a pity!

My dear Modi Anna,


I read the news with great interest “Narendra Modi goes on a train journey that made the Mahatma” (The Hindu, dated 10th June).

“This is the place where the seed was laid for Mohandas [Karamchand Gandhi] to start the journey of the Mahatma.” That is how you told the reporters at the Pietermaritzburg railway station and you paid a glowing tribute to Gandhiji and said that your visit to South Africa was like a pilgrimage.

tmodi bowing for gandhi An Open Letter To Narendra Modi

I congratulate you for you must have had talks with the heads of different nations on the current challenges like ‘global warming, terrorism, pollution’ with this spirit of a pilgrim and emphasising on the relevance of ‘non-violent alternatives’ to such challenges.

Modi Anna, it seems you have empowered yourself in the Gandhian approach to resolving global conflicts and have reinforced your faith in truth and non-vilolence as effective tools for promoting peace and amity among all countries. Obviously you emerge as a ‘World Leader for Peace’.

My humble request to you is that with the same spirit of a pilgrim, you must speak to the Indian youth and children about the ‘train jouney that made the mahatma’ and explain how relying merely upon one’s soul power, one can fight against the present social evils that still prevail as in Gandhiji’s time. Because we have failed to convey to our youth the strength we have acquired as a Nation in terms of ‘non-violence’ during our fight against the mighty British. None of the ‘non-violent movements’ led by the Mahatma had become a lesson in our curriculum even after seven decades of getting freedom. What a pity!

modi in south africa An Open Letter To Narendra Modi

It is an urgent task before you, Modi Anna, that you put a big ‘full-stop’ to this ‘memorising-mesmerising-lopsided’ education system and bring a ‘holistic life-centered’ one in which exploration, innovation and creation would find prime place. Then the youth would be able to explore their lives based on ‘self-realization’, to result in building strong character, the foundation for a sane life.

Lesson Modules on ‘Peace Education based on Gandhian Values’ have to be evolved and included in the education system and empower our youth in ‘non-violent conflict resolution methods’. This would decentralise your centralised effort with the help of military and armaments to create peace. Then this experiment would be a great model for other countries.

PM Narendra Modi with Ela Gandhi granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi An Open Letter To Narendra Modi

I sincerely do hope Modi Anna, being a great devotee of the Mahatma, you can fulfill this mission with great success. You have all the possibilities not only as PM but also the support from all the youth of this great country!  You are well aware that our present youth are not useless but used less. You may involve them in a ‘non-violent revolution’ and that would be the greatest tribute we all can pay to the MAHATMA!
Wishing you all the very best, Anna!

By S.Kulandaisamy

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