Modi’s enemy is not just the Opposition but these elements, Swami Adityanaths, Mahesh Sharmas, the Khattars who are exploiting their proximity to the RSS.

Who is the happiest person at the discomfiture caused to the Congress leaders  Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. No prizes for guessing- it is the one man demolition squad who has only very recently decided to join the BJP, Subramaniam Swamy.

subramanian swamy Look Whos Gloating?

 But did anyone care to notice who was the unhappiest with the latest developments?

Just look at the pictures on your TV sets carefully. If you look at the pictures of the leaders you will find that it’s Arun Jaitley, the Union Finance Minister whose extra efforts to get cosy to the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to get the GST Bill passed had got him kudos from the Prime Minister.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who normally loses control over his language while talking about this family had changed his tone after  his return from UK. In many of his utterances he had started acknowledging the role of the previous governments in developing the country.

Even today, when his entire party is attacking the Gandhi family both before the cameras and on the social media, Modi has wished her a ‘happy birthday.’

Compare this with the generally aggressive posture of the BJP which has been telling the nation that the Congress had done nothing except looting the country during its  six decades long tenure.

sonia gandhi congress  Look Whos Gloating?

Probably rattled by the numerous controversies surrounding the intolerance tag on his tenure on which questions were asked even by the media in London and the loss of face after the Delhi, Bihar and Gujarat elections, Modi and his close colleagues seem to have drawn up a strategy to adjust to the reality that it would not be politically expedient to continue with this all-out attack on the Congress till the time the BJP managed to scoop up a majority in the Rajya Sabha.

 It was with this intent that Modi deputed his most trusted lieutenant Arun Jaitley to work his charm on the Congress leadership and he had almost succeeded- till the National Herald bomb ruined all that. And what the Harvard educated Swamy thinks of Jaitley is common knowledge.

Does it not remind you of a familiar pattern, at least till some years back? Whenever India and Pakistan were about to engage in talks for resolution of their disputes there was a terror attack or a skirmish on the borders.

Speaking in parliament yesterday Arun Jaitley was at pains to deny any credit to Swamy for the embarrassment caused to the Gandhis by the court summons issued to them to appear personally in Court on December 19.

 For Prime Minister Narendra Modi,who is almost becoming an international rock-star whatever his credibility in the country,controlling the fringe elements has become crucial after one a half years of his dream run.

He must realize by now,  the intelligent human being that he appears, is that the biggest obstacle to his dream is not the Opposition but these elements, Swami Adityanaths, Mahesh  Sharmas, the Khattars who are exploiting their proximity to the RSS.

RSS Look Whos Gloating?

He must remember that the first time the BJP members got a chance to be in power at the centre the government was brought down by the dual membership issue of the BJP and RSS. Will Modi be able to exorcise the present from the the ghosts from the past?

By Amitabh Srivastava

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