What exactly should the new Government be doing for overall betterment of the nation?

Modi government has entered  its second year in office. This year & next three years ahead will be  challenging. If we assess their 1st year, on home front,  stray achievement is only visible. Although, a lot of social schemes have been lunched, but keeping in view  budget cut in education & MANEREGA, it is doubt full how much, success it will record. Starting from education, it is well known that we lack basics in infrastructure and education. Even our IITs do not come close to matching any world’s top institutions. HRD minister should begin improving the situation by adopting a hand off policy. The ministry can be most useful only when it sets higher goals. Nurturing the human capital is a prerequisite for durable prosperity of the nation. If that indeed  is the aim of Modi government, they will give the importance to the education it deserves.

caricature cartoon portrait narendra modi bjp wins indian elections 2014 Things the Modi Government Should Focus On

Jobs for All

Job creation is the another field of anxiety to Modi government. Sab ka sath sab ka vikash, is a good slogan, but the youth are not getting jobs. Curtailment of budget in MANERAGA, has reduced the rural jobs. Modi have been trusted by Youths. He will have to create factories, service units, self employment. & improvement in MANERAGA like schemes.

Betterment of Farmers

Farmers are in bad shape. Sixty percent still depend on agriculture. A lot of debate has been taking place for betterment of farmers. So far peasants have taken a backseat in the priority of successive governments. They should get priority. We can prosper only if farmers are happy.  On  one hand we will have to reduce the dependability on agriculture & on the other end Insurance like steps for agriculture produce, agri based industries, cooperative farming etc will have to be encouraged.

farmers problems india Things the Modi Government Should Focus On

Due to lack of irrigation, frequent drought, paucity of fund & small holdings, agriculture is no more a profitable activity. Middle men in agriculture market further surged the woes of peasants. Modi will have to follow Lal Bahadur, slogans’ Jai Jaban Jai Kishan’. BJP in its manifesto agreed to provide fifty percent profit to the farmers. Promise is yet to be fulfilled.

Improved Healthcare

Health care is the another challenge. Medical facilities are not available to large sections of society particularly in rural remote areas. One who live in villages of Bihar , Jharkhand, eastern UP & other parts of Northern India have bitter experiences. Although there is no authentic data of quake doctors, but it can be said that majority of the villagers get treated from them & some times it leads to death. Even in some bigger towns the quality of medical facilities are not available. It can be checked from the records of CMC Vellore that majority patients visit there from north, even sizable number from West Bengal. So Medical structure development particularly in north will be another challenge to the Modi Government.

Indian Health Care Things the Modi Government Should Focus On

Black Money

Black Money is the another challenge area. Modi will have to attack on black money like USA. It is said that there is a parallel economy of black money in India. So far action taken has not produced any  result because it is held by big shots of the society. So any efforts have been neutralized by them. There is cry that black money is being kept in foreign banks. But it is partially true. Only a fraction of it has been lying in foreign banks. Most black money is part of Indian economy. The black money enters in Indian economy through complicated process of of fake companies. In real estate, black money plays an important role. If one wants to purchase a flat in the city particularly in metros, a sizable portion of value will have to be paid in cash. Country’s development get blocked by this huge black money. So far no result have been recorded. Common people needs result as Modi promised also in the campaign of parliament election to transfer the black money in citizens account.

Stronger Institutes

Constitutional institutions needs to be strengthened. In fact only during Nehru, these institutions have been strengthened. Right from Mrs Indira Gandhi’s time, these institutions  have been weakened & the same is continued till date. Our constitution have check & balance. If these institutions are further weakened then emergency like situation will prevail.

Minimal Corruption

Separatists & terrorists are another area which challenge our integrity. It requires to be eliminated.Corruption elimination is another big challenge. First year went without any reported corruption. But with the start of second year, Lalit scam has maligned the image of government. BJP leaders kept no stone unturned to get the tainted minister oust from Man Mohan government. But the same party justifying the actions of Swaraj & Scindia. So there is a gap of talk & action pertaining to corruption. Modi will have to explain to the people as well as action will have to be taken to eliminate it.

Corruption in India Things the Modi Government Should Focus On

Modi’s reputation is progressively eroding. His iron grip over government & party seems to be loosening after a series of public relations disasters that include an election defeat in Delhi, flip flops on the land bill, Lalit scandal & increasing burden of public disappointments who had promised the moon. Modi will have to fulfill the promise to regain public faith.

By Dr. Dinesh Mishra

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