Pakistani Premier Nawaz Sharif has accepted Modi’s invitation to his PM swearing in ceremony despite opposition. Is this a new era of peace?

Elections in the world’s largest democracy are over and we have found out our new Prime Minister in Mr. Narendra Modi. After all the election hoopla and rhetoric, now comes the time of Coronation. On May 26, 2014, Modi shall be bestowed upon the tag of Prime Minister of India, and thus will begin a new era of political, economical and of course demo-graphical change; the last being evident as we get to know that, to have his presence felt in the international arena, Mr Modi has invited top world leaders for swearing-in ceremony.

modi victory When Modi Invited Mia Sharif

As they say ‘Every Cloud has a Silver lining’, the best we can get out of such an exercise is the fact that after many deliberations, the Pakistani Premier Nawaz Sharif has accepted the invitation from Modi. And when we say ‘after much deliberations’, it has an altogether a different meaning.

The Dissenters

Mr. Sharif has been anointed as the Pakistani Premier not long ago and has been steady in his outright approach towards having healthier relations with his neighbors. Accepting the proposal from Mr. Modi can have its own ramifications. As on expected lines, there has been a much hue and cry from the hardliners. Lashkar chief Hafeez Sayeed has been amongst the most vociferous voices to opine about his reservations of the impending PM’s visit to India. Mia Sharif has taken a well of stand against hardliners and has put his best foot forward to take up the invitation from Mr Modi, as in all probability, the Pakistan counterpart can well judge the later advantages; which he can derive from healthier India-Pakistan relations.

modi invites nawaz sharif When Modi Invited Mia Sharif

Apart from hardliner’s pedigree, voices of dissent have also been raised from another establishment, which Sharif cannot ignore and which runs a ‘parallel’ government of sorts in the Muslim nation. Here we are rightly pointing to the Pakistani Army which has been calling the shots every now and then. It was only after much pacification from none other than the CM of the Punjab Province and brother of Nawaz Sharif, Mr Shahbaz Sharif in his meeting with the Pakistani army Chief General Raheel Sharif who made him aware of the ‘positives’ of such a meeting. So what could be the implications of Modi’s invitation to Pakistani Prime Minister.

What Can Come out of this Meeting?

The best conclusion one can draw from such an initiative is “having a good relations with Pakistan will lead to peace and tranquility in the region, not to forget the enhanced economic activity through trade and business”. Since the unfortunate beheading of Indian Army soldiers in J&K , there has been not much go-ahead with the Pakistani establishment to have a dialogue towards cordial relations with the neighboring country. People to people contact has been virtually missing and voices of hatred can be heard on both sides of the border.

nawaz sharif cartoon When Modi Invited Mia Sharif

Modi has taken the stance in the right direction in this regard, as by seizing an opportunity out of his own coronation; he has put the ball in opponent’s court and wants a conclusive result on the Indo-Pak relations. Mr Modi is a strict advocate of economic bloom (as we can see through the prism of his ‘Gujarat Model’), the same can be said about Mr Nawaz Sharif, who by now understands the importance of economic progress which can lead to opening up of other modes of communication. ‘Trade and economic progress’ can be a breeding ground for ‘inclusive friendliness’ amongst both the nations, a panacea of all ills, this ideology can be the basis for a dialogue for both the PM’s. India has already given ‘MFN-Most Favored Nation’ status to Pakistan and the country has benefited through this route of diplomacy. India is expecting that Pakistan may bestow on her the “NDMA- Non Discriminatory Market Access’ tag for opening up of its market to the emerging giant. Later on, who knows, on the bedrock of such relations and improved economic ties, the ‘Most Contentious” of the issue – Kashmir can be brought to a fruitful end.

A Good Move Long Due

india pakistan peace When Modi Invited Mia Sharif

By inviting Sharif, Narendra Modi has played his cards quite well, as a state head; he is putting in right perspective, his wants and expectations from his neighbors, more so with Pakistan as he knows that peace and prosperity in the region can be an aftermath of a better and effective trade relations with the erstwhile neighbor. Whether Mia Sharif seizes this ‘opportunity’ to break the barrier of ‘political deadlock’ and takes a farsighted approach towards all political and regional-ills with India remains to be seen. As we get to know that after the swearing-in ceremony, Modi shall be ‘personally’ meeting Sharif for 30 minutes to discuss his ‘Road-Map’ for the religion. Sharif can seal the deal with the newly appointed Indian PM. This could end up as a ‘perfect beginning’ for India-Pak relations in the long run, where people and trade community can benefit through a long term vision and open-mindedness of both the premiers. Finally, the outcome of much awaited meeting needs to be seen and we can decipher the prospects thereof in the times to come. Till then let’s wait and watch the much awaited outcome of Indian elections Mr. Modi’s Coronation.

By Sanjeev Jaggi

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