A recent article calling Modi a “Joker” — in IndiaOpines, your blog —  was however so convoluted, (I have responded already in Comments) I am unable to stop myself from writing another piece. 


Immediately after the Independence from the British rule, Gandhi – The Mahathma- wanted Congress to be dissolved. Unfortunately he also had a great love for the Nehru family which made this impossible. 
The dynasty’s reign was thus sown by none other man than the Mahathma.  As if this was not bad enough the family even appropriated the “Gandhi” name; the Gandhis of today have no roots tracing them to this original great man. Congress men  and the entire cabal of so called secularists never tire of talking about Nehru- Gandhi families, with such glib finesse, as to make us all mistakenly believe that this Gandhi is perhaps that “Mahathma!!!!!.
The irony is not complete yet ; the real Gandhis, -none of whom has come any where near sharing the spoils of power- see nothing greatly amiss, making this imagery almost perfect, & making the irony now complete. Almost the entire political class, barring a few, have just ganged up, and in the name of being “secular” (a term introduced by the first member of this Gandhi clan amending the constitution which was not originally there BTW) is successfully orchestrating a theme that an alternative dispensation will only divide India. Let me cite just a couple of illustrations of this faith in their version of secularism. 
A Muslim lady wins a case in the highest court of land to get alimony from her ex-husband. The “secular” dispensation of the Congress is aghast, decides to side with the votaries of “Muslim Personal Law” to deny the lady this meager compensation. The surprise package though is this: A (non-secular?) Muslim Minister, by name Arif Mohammed Khan was equally aghast at govt’s weak surrender to vested interests, and showing exemplary moral indignation, resigns in protest. I wonder where he is now…… 
Kashmiris are the most truly “loving” people, they say & the majority in Kashmir  are Muslims. To maintain this pure “kashmiriyat” the majority resorts to ethnic cleansing,  by driving out a huge number of the minority pundits out of the valley, who become overnight refugees in their own land. But the people in Kashmir are not fully satisfied yet,  they remain alienated as per the intelligentsia. If the pakis help these hapless guys, cause havoc, enter our territory kill our soldiers etc., and the Govt is not reacting adequately, there must be something which we the people are missing, according to some intellectual geniuses. It is clear they say that our soldiers are also not  “dhoodh ka Dhula” . So – you guessed it folks- the suggestion is that we should have uninterrupted & uninterrupt- able dialog with them. 
But of course, it is altogether another matter, if one were to suggest a decent civilized dialog with opposition, on matters of national Importance, more especially so with Modi ji of Gujarat, on any subject. This is just not possible. The main opposition is anti – secular and Modi is a devil incarnate, out to divide & ruin India. This is a farce which only goes on & on & on.            
The majority of Indians are truly & honestly “secular”  because I have absolutely no fear in saying that this majority is “Hindu”. Can one imagine a Hindu personal law in a Muslim country? A Baba says that there is huge treasure underneath a temple in Unnao. The government seizes this opportunity and orders a dig by ASI, to save itself trouble from various scandals & of course Modi centric news. I wonder if this Baba had dreamed about such a thing under say a Mosque which incidentally nobody knows whose it is, and is also in ruins? Can this government even in its dreams imagine that they could institute such a course of action? They are heritage sights after all, and lest we forget we are “secular”, stupid.    
Unnao Gold ASI Modi Is A Joker   A Rebuttal

A large crowd gathers around the fort of Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh where a 12 member team of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) began digging for treasure beneath it after a seer said former king appeared to him in a dream and told him that 1,000 tonnes of gold lay buried in its ruins in Unnao’s Daudiakala village in Uttar Pradesh. (Photo: IANS)

I have learned to live this farce but what agitates me now is the “secular Brigade”‘s sudden love for this “Baba”. They are aghast at Modi’s affront that he could actually differ with such noble task by Govt both in UP & Center. Their constant refrains are (a) His remark that the “world is laughing at us for our action based on a dream of a religious man” is nothing but blasphemy,& (b) No one other than an evil man can say this…etc… etc… 
But unfortunately Modi decides to apologize, and says he respects this saint who has a huge following etc So how do these guys now react? Well, they decide to call him a buffoon. This “U TURN” by Modi proves that he is a Joker says someone, and is unable to stop his guffaws…..  Oh! Really? what a pity? And what great wisdom? 
One’s individual respect for a saint, who is worshiped by millions, cannot in any way determine a Govt’s action. To start digging, just  based on this saints dream, regardless of merit, is indeed laughable. Modi only said this, but later possibly realized that his remark had a chance of being misunderstood (and it sure did) he said what he had to say, namely that he had/has no intention of hurting the sentiments of the saint or his followers. That is where the matter should end. But no, for the secularists, he has to be condemned irrespective of what he says or does. I also have a right, I guess, to defend Modi, in all seriousness & without any hint of humor.
It now turns out that even the so called letter, which castigated Modi, & was allegedly a trigger for his U TURN later, was a handiwork of a true blooded Congress guy. The suggestion that Modi was so rattled by this letter, that he shot off a kind of an apology immediately is the one which is hilarious according to me. It is also not an act of cowardice, nor is it a U TURN. This is the least any decent human will do. And Modi is a decent man notwithstanding the chorus of false propaganda. 
It is indeed sad that I am unable to dismiss these guys as Jokers instead. They are not, unfortunately. They seem to have no other agenda than to stop Modi & by extension his party, in his/their tracks by using every possible trick /misinformation campaign, so the the usurpers of Brand “Gandhi” can rule in perpetuity.  
” Buri nazar wale tera bhi bhala” is a saying in Hindi. Being witness to such pathological hatred for a man who means well for his country, I am unable to empathize with this great sentiment and that saddens me deeply. 
“Jaayein tho jaayein kahan” is my question to the Lord. 

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