Narendra Damodardas Modi was the name printed all over the PM’s suit in a stripe pattern. Was this a fashion statement, was it meant to impress the Americans or was it narcissism?

Move Over Versace, Brand Narendra Damodardas Modi Is Heremodi pinstripes MODI THE NEW LOUIS VUITTON

  1. We already knew that Modi Fashion is a thing, but we did not know quite how much! It seemed like an ordinary pin striped suit, but it wasn’t. It was actually his name – Narendra Damodardas Modi – printed all over the suit in a stripe pattern! And this is what the PM wore when the President came calling! (Source)
  2. According to the Wall Street Journal blog, this was one of the things that Modi did to impress POTUS Barrack Obama (the write up also said that Modi dresses better than Michele Obama, so let’s not pay too much attention to what the Americans say.)
  3. Modi suit MODI THE NEW LOUIS VUITTONBut the ‘Modi’ fied suit certain had the netizens express their disapproval rather vocally this morning, with the #RDayControversy hashtag trending. (scroll down for some tweets)
  4. hoshni1 MODI THE NEW LOUIS VUITTONAlas this wasn’t a very original fashion statement either. Before this, Hoshni Mubarak, Egypt’s former President had had much the same idea.
  5. So is this all it takes to become a ‘brand’? Have your name printed or embroidered all over one’s outfit?
  6. If so Coco Channel, Versace, Pierre Cardin must be shaking in their shoes from the stiff competition posed by Brand Modi!

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