At the recent Modi rally held in the national capital, it seemed Modi had come with only one fixed agenda: to bash the UPA, it’s policies and it’s politicians. This dependency on negative campaigning to prove his capabilities is baffling, since he might just have some good ideas for this nation.

The crowning of the congress scion as ‘Shahzada‘ by the self-proclaimed PM in waiting Narendra Modi, has been quite illustrious. Modi bashing in Delhi was on expected lines and his frontal attack on the policies of the UPA has been severely criticized in all forums. Since the announcement of the rally in Delhi, the political fervor was set against Mr. Manmohan Singh, Rahul Gandhi and the policies of the UPA.

Modi: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Modi got a real shot in the arm when he focused his attention towards the congress “Shahzada” and made him a diminutive figure in terms of crowd pulling, where 1.25 lakh  ‘Modi supporters‘ gathered to hear their favorite leader. We hear that an unfazed Mr. Gandhi was having lunch at the time with a female friend in Delhi’s upscale Khan Market. So what does Mr. Modi want to achieve by sending in acerbic messages across the board? He has proven his mettle in Gujarat as a harbinger of economic development, but at the same time, has been criticized by his adversaries for his communal inclination towards the majority community.

If you have been a keen listener to his speeches, you will be able to gather that though he has some good solutions to the fast depreciating economy; he just sells himself short by openly telling them in front of humongous crowds. There is no doubt that Mr. Modi has arisen from the dead of Indian politics (there are better managed states in this country and the chief ministers have impeccable leadership records). Clearly, the man means business and has set expectations which every citizen of this country should be looking forward too; be it the problem of the depreciating rupee or missing coal from our power plants or for that matter the issue of corruption-the panacea of all ills can be Narendra Modi.

Crowd to welcome Modi in Mumbai The Modi Melodrama

BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi supporters give a grand welcome to him in Mumbai on Sept.30, 2013.(Photo: B L oni/IANS)

The current wave of government bashing (read PM bashing) has made a cartoonish image of Mr. Modi which the BJP sadly do not refute. It is quite evident that Mr. Modi alone cannot get the magical figure of 272 seats in the Lower House to set the pulse for a fresh government. There are many tangles which the BJP need to take into account before they launch a final assault towards run up to the elections.

They’re all the same anyway

The self-prophesied PM in the waiting has been quite a good and strong orator at public speeches, but what difference does it make when he speaks like his political counterpart AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal or Mr. Rahul Gandhi? (Recently, Rahul Gandhi made a frivolous attempt to malign the Madhya Pradesh government over the Maoists attack on its party leaders in Bastar, Madhya Pradesh). The political class leaves no stone overturned to launch acerbic attacks on their political opponents; where facts and figures are tweaked and catered to influence mass rallies thereby forming a wave of public opinion, which later turns out to be damp squib when the election results are out.

As per the current estimates by leading print and electronic media conglomerates, in the soon approaching 14 Lok Sabha polls, the UPA will settle for an odd 160 seats and NDA will reach 130 odd seats; most of the seats will go in the kitty of regional parties (who actually can be game changers). It will not be a surprise if we find a Prime Minster, who is currently a “Dark Horse” and settle for a political medley. As they say in politics-nothing is the end of the game till the final war is won, there are no forever friends or foes. The BJP should keep its options open in case the ‘Modi Experiment” fails, or for that matter Mr. Advani becomes the crowd puller within an assorted mix of political class.

The Modi phenomenon is here to stay; you leave it or live with it

It is your own conscience to adapt to the fast changing political scenario, where the Supreme court punctuates the electoral reforms and notifies the election commission to put “NOTA” (None of the above) option in the EVMS’ to negate all candidates at one go. The objectives of the ‘Modi Rally’ in Delhi were to sham the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and congress vice-president Mr. Rahul Gandhi; the two guinea pigs who Mr. Modi thinks are the center stage of all the problems in this country.

It was quite evident that Mr. Modi was quite well prepared to deliver his keynote address (it was as if we all were watching a political panorama from the Red Fort that occurs every year on 15th August). The background was well prepared and entrenched with facts and figures; the object was quite set to maim the government and its machinery and the political masters running the show.

By Sanjeev Jaggi

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Video Source: Shri Narendra Modi speech during Vikas rally at Japanese Park, New Delhi- Bhartiya Janata Party

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