From July 2014 to Feb 2015 the recruitment is still in process, by a group which has received award for innovative recruitment writes a concerned citizen to PM Modi

Dear Shri Narendra Modi,

It sounds euphoric when we hear about our 65% population below age of 35 years.  India has a big role to play in coming time. I used to feel same until I met a girl who is preparing for Government and Public Sector exams.

jobs psu india Open Letter to PM Modi on Slow Recruitment Process by Govt./PSU

Just like the diversity in population our youth too have diversity in choices of career. Government sector jobs make a small pie compare to private sector if we see overall jobs in the India. Still there is an inclination towards Government job among a section of youth. These section of youth fears lawlessness in private sector and fears to question Government/Public sector entities on their inefficiency. They seek empowerment.

Recently I met a girl called Rachana Sharma (name changed) who had appeared for several Government/Public sector exams in 2014. She had successfully cleared many exams and appeared for interview. A few result came in 2014 and a few are still awaited. I was shocked to know how organizations delay results even after taking online exams, they can surely delay the induction. Moreover such delay increases chance of corruption. This deliberate inefficiency of Govt/PSU creates frustration among candidates that can lead to any wrong step.

While speaking to candidates I felt a strong hope from the present Government. They are unwilling to accept that Government/PSU cannot deliver fast. “What if election results came after 10 months after we cast our vote on EVMs”, asked Rachana. “Would our politicians appreciate such speed”, she adds. She told a specific example of SBI Assistant in Clerical Cadre. She applied for it in July 2014, appeared for “online exam” in August 2014, result came in November 2014 and gave interview in December 2014. The result is awaited. From July 2014 to Feb 2015 the recruitment process is still in the process, by a group (SBI) which has received award for innovative recruitment.

students govt exams results Open Letter to PM Modi on Slow Recruitment Process by Govt./PSU

Usually they do recruitment after taking money from candidates and don’t tell a time-line for recruitment process, there is no accountability”, said Rachana. “If we call the concerned department to know about the results they don’t talk properly”, she adds in case of State Bank of India. Moreover there is compulsion to get signatures of Gazetted officers on various documents to appear in interview of SBI. After knowing all these innovatively slow recruitment process of SBI I looked for the name of Chairman. I was surprised, it’s a woman, Arundhati Bhattacharya. I used to think woman bosses can do things efficiently but she has disappointed me.

I couldn’t believe youth can’t act against all these. Those who are the pride and strength of the nation, fear to ask for justice in own country. I suggested them to file a PIL so that everybody benefits from it. But they fear of rejection.

What should they expect? What should they do?

Yours Sincerely,

Rashi Banerjee

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