Narendra Modi’s defeat during Delhi election was ghastly and now Bihar’s is indictaive of the fact that Modi is losing grounds in India. He needs to buck up

Results of recent Bihar Election indicate failure of PM, Narendra Modi. Previously Delhi Election also indicated drastic failure of Modi. But Bihar election indicates a greater failure. If you take winning of number of seats into consideration then Delhi Election appears to be a greater failure. But qualitatively Bihar is greater failure. In case of Delhi positive aspects of Kejriwal as well as negative aspects of Modi played almost fifty fifty role in the defeat of Modi. However in Bihar Lalu and Nitish have negligible positive points in their favor. It is mostly the negative aspects of Modi which let Lalu and Nitish wear the crown.

LALU NITISH Modi, Remember Your Responsibility And Rise Up

Lalu and Nitish are now taking the credit into their account and planning to become the Prime Minister of India in the coming MP election. At present it is difficult to predict whether Lalu or Nitish or someone else will become Prime Minister of India. But it is easy to predict that there are ample chances for dethroning of Narendra Modi if his decreasing trend of popularity goes on with such galloping speed.

In India usually people cast their votes in favor of a candidate whom they think to be most eligible to become Prime Minister or Chief Minister. In the name of the leader the other candidates get their votes. Rarely a candidate gets elected solely by dint of his own merit. Only a few candidates get a small percentage of votes in their favor by virtue of their own merit. Hence if we say that the BJP has won or RJD or JDU has won, it has only literary meaning, but little practical meaning. In the last MP election BJP won with roaring majority. This fabulous victory of BJP in 1914 was mostly due to Narendra Modi. People voted not for BJP, but for Modi. BJP and their alliance (NDA) was not popular at that time, but Modi was personally extremely popular at that time as a PM candidate. Without Modi BJP (NDA) would have earned only a few votes from all over India. BJP may or may not admit. But this is the cruel truth.

Modi and Development Modi, Remember Your Responsibility And Rise Up

Why people crazily voted for Modi? It is difficult to enumerate all the reasons, but a few of the salient reasons are mentioned below:

  • People were thoroughly disgusted with the then PM who was an inefficient and inactive person and was acting as a puppet with the tunes of a high command having his remote control. They wanted to have a PM, who will work actively, efficiently and independently having no remote control in the hands of a high command.

  • The then Govt had a lot of allegations of corruption. People wanted a PM who can make the Govt as corruption-free as practicable.

  • Price of the essential commodities was sky-high. People wanted a PM who can keep the price of the essential commodities as low as practicable. At least if not reduction, there should be no further intolerable hike.

  • People wanted a stable Govt having absolute or more than absolute majority of seats in the parliament so that the Govt can take stable decisions highly beneficial to the country.

  • People wanted to put a full stop to the family rule.

  • People wanted development of India in all respects.

  • People wanted inflation to be checked.

Taking the above points into consideration people of India voted in favor of Modi. They thought that if Modi will come with more than absolute majority, then all the problems will be solved within a very short period. They waited for months after months, but almost none of the problems (except a few insignificant ones) was solved. In Delhi election Modi failed miserably. People wanted to teach him a lesson in Delhi election. It was their first warning bell for Modi. But after Delhi election there was no improvement in any sphere.

sceptical democracy Modi, Remember Your Responsibility And Rise Up

People observed for some more months. After a long period of 17 months of Modi’s Prime Ministership Bihar election came. Modi failed still more miserably, although the number of seats won by BJP are more than the Delhi election. In Delhi election Kejriwal had lot of points of merit in his favor. But here in Bihar Lalu and Nitish had very few points of merit in their favor. It is only the demerits of Modi which made Lalu and Nitish to wear the crown. People have thus given the second warning bell to Modi: “Beware Mr Modi, if you do not reform yourself and your Govt in the coming months of your tenure, then the chances of your becoming Prime Minister for the second time will be totally nil. What to speak of absolute majority or roaring majority, your party may not win the minimum majority. Even you may lose your own seat. You will solely be responsible for the failure of your party; and nobody else.”

People of India voted overwhelmingly for Modi with a lot of great hopes and aspirations. Not a single significant hope or aspiration of the people have yet been satisfied. Modi most probably must not have forgotten the age old proverb about democracy: “Democracy is the Govt of the people by the people and for the people.” Though a simple proverb, it has immense practical utility. All political leaders know it, but many do not care to implement it into practice. He, who implements it into practice even to a little extent, gets immense result out of it.

It is not too late yet. People of India still have immense love and affection for Modi. They wish that Modi should become Prime Minister of India time and again for as many chances as possible as long as he is physically and mentally fit for that post. But he should genuinely realize this in his heart mind soul, and work for the benefit of the people. People of India still believe that if Prime Minister Modi with such overwhelming support cannot build development of India, most probably no other PM in future will be able to achieve it.

With this I have some suggestions for Modi:

  • He should make minimum number of foreign tours. It seems, he is too much interested to make foreign tours. People think, as if he could not go to foreign countries as he was stamped as a Hindu-minded leader when he was Chief Minister of Gujrat and now wants to enjoy foreign tours to his ample satisfaction. As there is no necessity of so many foreign tours, so people think that Modi wants to personally enjoy by touring the whole world first and look into the internal problems of India next.

  • Instead of making frequent foreign tours he should make frequent visits to the rural and urban areas throughout India. Only arranging some mass meetings and delivering some bombastic speeches on the stage will not serve the purpose. Whenever he goes to some village or town he should randomly visit personally some of the houses of rural poor people, try to realize their problems. Try to realize the problems of all by personally visiting a few, but try his best to solve problems of all.

  • Whatever he does he should do it from the core of his heart and not superficially like a hypocrite.

  • He should genuinely select some good local leaders and entrust them to fight MLA election battles without depending on him. The credit or discredit should go to the local leader and not to Modi directly.

  • He should make MP election and MLA election separately. Should make local leaders responsible for the MLA election and also the MP election, but himself take more of the burden of MP election and less of the burden of MLA election. He should make less number of appearances in MLA election meetings and more number of appearances in MP election meetings.

  • He should continue to be Hindu leader and may continue his link with RSS to an ideal extent, but at the same time he should not forget that a true Hindu is he, who has equal respect and regard to all religions. Rama and Krishna are God of the world and the universe. God is not limited to Hindu religion or India. He pervades the entire Universe.

Religion Modi, Remember Your Responsibility And Rise Up

It is a natural human phenomenon that people praise when there is success, and blame when there is failure. A brave man is he, who struggles always for success without being overwhelmed with joy after success or being frustrated after failure. Failures sometimes work as pillars to success. I hope Modi will learn enough from his failures and try to have immense victory in coming MP and MLA elections.

It is ridiculous on my part to give suggestions to a man who was successful CM for many consecutive years in Gujarat and is continuing as PM for about one and half years. He is requested to brood over his failures in solitude. In the party meetings there may be so many discussions. But he should sincerely brood over these discussions in solitude. By personal thinking and introspection of himself certainly he will have ideal ideas to overcome his failures.

caricature cartoon portrait narendra modi bjp wins indian elections 2014 Modi, Remember Your Responsibility And Rise Up

Finally I request Mr Modi to cut short his number of foreign tours to the bare minimum and turn to the internal India. Dear sir, People of India still want you to become Prime Minister of India again and again with more and more overwhelming majority. Try to be worthy of their love, affection and aspiration. People have voted only for you; not for the BJP. Your failures will hand over India to unworthy persons (whom I should not name). Despite the failures, still there is time. Remember your responsibility and rise up.

By Dr Narayan Udgata

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