I’m a 17 year old girl living in Delhi. And in approximately 3 days its general election time. As a 17 year old i really don’t understand how to feel about this election.

I’m a 17 year old girl living in Delhi. And in approximately 3 days its general election time. As a 17 year old i really don’t understand how to feel about this election. It’s definitely a bit of a nuisance because my class 12 board examinations got postponed by 11 days.

kejriwal modi rahul Modi ROXXXX..... <3 <3 :D

But all around i me see that elections are all that people seem to talk about thesedays. Everytime somebody in our house switches on the Television I hear Narendra Modi‘s voice blaring in my living room because obviously Rahul Gandhi‘s is too meek to be heard.  Every time I check my facebook I see everyone right from the age of 13 up till the age of 70 ( because i don’t have anyone older than that in my friend’s list) has something or the other to say about these elections.

This cute chubby 6th grade,my junior in school who keeps updating us on all how madly she is love with One Direction has also reoriented herself according to the changing times. These days she proudly posts: “Modi ROXXXX….. <3 <3 😀 ” 

The young adults in my friends list who are a little more politically aware express the same sentiment , however a bit more articulately . Some people do not even know what they are talking about. They just do it show the world that we too are politically aware.

Every time somebody posts a status urging their friends to vote for a particular party and giving reasons for the same, the comments section becomes longer than the queue outside the Apple Store , the day the new Iphone<insert a number greater than 5 and the letter S> is launched.

All of us teenagers are becoming politically charged in this politically charged atmosphere irregardless of the fact that most of us still have a few years to kill before we get to vote.I don’t have any political preferences and i’m very honest about it.Even if i could vote i would press the ’ none of the above option’.

Some of us Delhi Wallahs still have a little faith in Arvind Kejriwal because at least he has good intentions. At least he wants to change this corrupt system. However I refuse to trust a man who presented himself as a very humble, austere, simple, straightforward political activist and when we finally believed in him he walked out on his because he had bigger ambitions. I wouldn’t trust any man who is easily willing to walk out on people who placed their trust in him. Also he seems to focus more on how he is a middle class man who drives around in a Blue WagonR rather than AAP’s manifesto.

Now coming to Modi

For those of you who don’t know I’m a Muslim. And I can use another 1000 words to convince you about the role Modi played in the 2002 riots where thousands of my community were ruthlessly massacred but I won’t do that because either you already believe in it or you don’t. However as a member of a minority, honestly speaking, Modi scares the living daylights out of me. I have watched his interviews. I have seen him comparing the trauma faced by us to that of a puppy dog coming under the wheel. I have heard his speeches. The ones where he shouts in a furore, ” We are all Hindus. This nation belongs to us Hindus. Zor se balo hum hindu hain. Jai Hind.” And my mind goes back to what i learned in my textbooks about how our the leaders of newly Independent India, despite undergoing the severe trauma of partition, chose to commit themselves and our constitution to the ideas of secularism, of unity in diversity and  of accommodation. And when I look at Modi and his sectarian ideals it seems to me that they could shake the very foundations that our country was built upon. The same foundations that Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel , Mahatma Gandhi and countless others spent their lives building. One fascist ruler and it could all vanish. Then we probably wouldn’t be the largest successful democratic experiment that we are anymore.

And to all teenagers those who are proudly proclaiming that Modi is the better alternative because he stands for development, I would just like to know how steel plants, power plants and gigantic dams that have displaced millions of Adivasis really benefit you in the future?

I know all of this seems extremely precocious coming from a young adult who is not allowed to vote however these are just my pure, undiluted views on the elections in my state and I couldn’t have expressed these through any platform other than Jalebi Ink since it allows me , as a young adult to exercise my freedom of expression.

By Khadija Khan

Source: IANS

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