Last two months saw too many mishaps, which certainly needed Modi’s effective response, but unfortunately what came from Modi is ‘center is not responsible’

The response of the Prime Minister to the major burning controversies in the country is worse than his silence.

In a terse statement issued today on the Dadri Lynching and threat by Shiv Sainiks that led to the cancellation of Ghulam Ali’s concert Modi said “These are unfortunate incidents but the  Government is not responsible for these.

GHULAM ALI And Modi says Centre Is Not Responsible!

But did anyone say that the lynching was done by the Modi government or that the concert was canceled because the Center did not give permission to Ghulam Ali to perform?

Is it as simple as that? Can this statement absolve the Center of all responsibility or is it just a technical point that when everyone is saying the PM has not spoken, he speaks out to set the record straight.

Much more has happened beyond these two incidents to prove that the culture or rather lack of culture of intolerance is becoming more brazen.

And Modi says Center is not responsible!

SAHITYA AKADEMI And Modi says Centre Is Not Responsible!

Writers Who Returned Their Awards

Noted writers from across the country have been returning their awards and also their prize money in some cases, to protest against growing intolerance ever since Modi assumed power. The cold-blooded murder of the rationalist  Dr.M M Kulbargi in Dharwad, the literary capital of Karnataka that has produced the highest number of Jnanpith awardees in Kannada, for his views on idol worship and Hindu rituals has shocked the national and international media. To rub salt into the wounds, BJP minded journos like Swapna Das Gupta are taunting Nayantara Sahgal, the first to return the Sahitya Akademi Award, on TV that writers are worried because they are not getting the importance they used to get earlier.

And Modi says Center is not responsible!

akhlaq killed And Modi says Centre Is Not Responsible!

The Center is being blamed for not taking action against its own fire-brand leaders not for killing or lynching but inciting passions. Some of them are elected members of BJP. The Union Home Ministry has so far not bothered to find out why two youths instigated or rather forced a temple priest to announce the members of one community to assemble outside the house of a member of another community on rumors that beef had been stored in his house which led to what he calls unfortunate incident.

And Modi says Center is not responsible!

Well-known personalities like Ravish Kumar have been hounded off ‘anti-social’ sites like Facebook because they have not been able to reply to the abuses of what is now known as Bhakts. Wonder if Section 66A of the IT Act was removed only to help this tribe of online bullies.

And Modi says Center is not responsible!

Even Central ministers of this government seem to be under pressure to prove their credentials to the RRS headquarters and issuing inflammatory statements by the dozen. And they are unapologetic about the crass language and arguments they have been using.

And Modi says Centre is not responsible!

That is precisely the charge. The Center is not taking responsibility and is abdicating.

By Amitabh Srivastava

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