BJP has threatened that Modi will deport his detractors over to Pakistan

I think we can come up with our own list of whom to send to Pakistan

Kapil Sibal

A completely morally corrupt politician – responsible for delaying the Jan Lok Pal bill and passing a watered down version when cornered. Way past his prime – but prone to cause damage by his policies on any matter and most recently on education. True to his destructive behaviour he has even introduced a quota system for nursery school admissions – reminding every one from the day they are born about what caste they belong to – thereby bringing caste system back to India

Kapil Sibal #ModiSendMeToPak

Causing Damage To The Country Even While Sleeping


A K Anthony

The worst defence minister ever. Failed to privatize defence manufacturing and also stop corruption in procurement. The two incidentally go hand in hand – you are forced to import if you cant manufacture – and the importers give you kickbacks – a perfect system. He is either extremely honest and incompetent, or Corrupt  – take your pick. I think we should unleash A K Anthony on Pakistan in the hope that he becomes the defence minster there and bring the army establishment in Pakistan to its knees

A K Anthony #ModiSendMeToPak

Lungi Dance At The Armed Forces – Encouraging Even Bangladesh to Attack Us

Asaram Bapu

There was Osho , then came Asaram – quack godman fooling the masses and (possibly) raping juveniles.  Certainly we don’t need this type of filth

Godman Asaram Bapu In Bhopal #ModiSendMeToPak

Godman Asaram Bapu at Bhopal airport while devotees of godman scuffle with media person in Bhopal on August 30, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

Lalu Prasad Yadav

The biggest eye-sore in Indian politics – hanging out in his banyan’s and chaddis – I just cant take any more of this

Lalu Prasad Yadav #ModiSendMeToPak

What An Amazing Image !

Pratibha Patil

The worst President ever – made India into a laughing stock all over the world. Apparently went on a fighter jet (though surely it must have been her double). If she would have had her way – would have made all women wear a Pallu (even Sunny Leone). I am sure even Sonia Gandhi did not realize how bad her choice was – forcing her to curtail her presidency to just a single term (thank heavens). She even claims to have spoken to ghosts or godmen. Even Pakistan ,I am sure, would not accept her – but we can try !

Syed Ali Shah Geelani

This is easy – he claims to be Pakistani and openly professes his love for Pakistan. He is just a rabble rouser – why has he not already been sent to Pakistan ?

Why ? Because it seems his calls for boycotting elections actually helps the National Conference. As in – if no-one votes then the five hundred or so votes of the extended Farooq Abdullah family members is enough to bring them (NC) back to power – politics is weird !!

Basharat Peer

Another self-professed Pakistani. Even had managed to get a job at NY times as the editor of the India Blog (no less) – Fired from NY times due to the efforts of IndiaOpines in exposing his separatist views. He complains that he travels with an Indian passport and in the video below romanticizes about intifada (uprising) against India – India should give him his “freedom”

Yasin Malik

The famous separatist leader who had once said that he will remain a celibate till Kashmir re-gained independence. Instead he finds his pedophilia-like inclination – married a Pakistani around thirty years younger to him. Unfortunately for him – they will probably introduce a Uniform Civil code in India – which means he wont be able to marry another (thirty years younger) again – so for his own “benefit ” – we would send him to Pakistan

Mushaal Yasin Malik #ModiSendMeToPak

Abhay Deol

Apparently related to the famous Deol family – his movies only get worse – an example of a bad actor becoming worse. Here’s a video trailer from his latest bombed movie (that is supposed to be funny) – If you do find this funny please do let me know. Incidentally the movie flopped so badly that he lost his apartment – hope he has enough saved up for an apartment in Pakistan

Sunny Leone

Pakistanis need to lighten up a bit – Sunny Leone can surely achieve that in Pakistan. Getting all the pathans and the pashtuns and the misogynists to dance to her tunes is not necessarily a bad thing.

Sunny Leone Ragini MMS Success Party 3 #ModiSendMeToPak

Vinod Kumar Binny

The worst type of turncoat – sold his soul to the BJP(?) for a few crores possibly and caused a lot of un-necessary  problems in the Aam Aadmi Party and for Delhi. Made meaningless speeches and wasted everyone’s time.


BJP should dump this loser as fast as possible – he just cannot speak, cannot articulate his ideas and is a non-starter. He will probably cause more harm to the BJP than any good (not that his contemporary Vijay Goel was any better). Recently there was a tweet by Gadkari (reportedly) saying that Kiran Bedi would lead Delhi’s BJP campaign – now that would actually make a lot of sense. Not that I like Gadkari , but surprisingly this time (for once) – he has spoken something that makes sense. It is well known fact that the MCD in Delhi is very corrupt – and HarshVardhan. Goel are all part of the older coterie and the corrupt system – time to replace them with the likes of Kiran Bedi . Though am I being too harsh by sending him (and perhaps Abhay Deol) to Pakistan ? Maybe – but what the heck !

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