The auction of Modi Suit will soon take place. Yes, the suit which Modi wore when president Obama came to India as a guest for the republic day celebrations

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Modi Suit Auction: Why Its a Great Thing!

Well! It is all over the news. Modi is auctioning the suit which he wore when president Obama came to India as a guest for the republic day celebrations. Know about the controversial suit which is being auctioned to gather extra fund for Clean Ganga Initiative.

Different Folks, Different Jokes 

‘Whether it was Bollywood or Twitter, the jokes at the AIB Knockout confused many and divided many more. As it happens, when a controversy hatches, some opinionated voices on the internet begin to shout so loudly that they refuse to listen to any disagreement. Consequently, the rational voices, afraid of being lynched on social media emerge after some sanity is restored. Funny, but the opposite happens in real life where religious moral minders are the first to flex muscles.’ Were the celebs true to themselves when they spoke for or against AIB roast? Is it right for the proponents of Freedom of speech to be intolerant of others’ views and opinions? This post on the debate surrounding AIB roast makes for an interesting read indeed.

List of Devices which will get Android 5.0 Lollipop OS Update 

The Android 5.o0 Lollipop OS is out. Want to know if your phone will get a Lollipop update? Then read this post on our community.

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