One year of Modi’s rule and the disgrace of his cabinet member has begun to blemish his repute. Sushma’s wrongdoing has soiled the image of BJP.

NDA goverment recently celebrated its first year in office by claiming a corruption free governance. But the first blemish has emereged when the health minister of Modi government caught carpeting corruption in AIIMs. Story of AIIMS penetrated the corruption free governance period when the honest vigilant officers were removed from the office on the plea of the then MP & now Health minister of Indian union. But No words came from PMO. This is next in the row of revealed corruption where the Sushma Swaraj had helped Lalit Modi who is involved in corruption involving in more than Rs 700 crores. He is abosconding. In such a situation, sushma’s action is questionable.

amul bofors scandal Sushmas Shadow

NDA government & Amit sah have put up their weight in defence of Swaraj. But it cannot wash out the conflict of interest  case implies. Amit Saha quoted Quattrochhi & Anderson, culprit of Bofors scandal and allowed to escape from India. Saha very soon forgot that voters anticipated  Congress to pay for its misdeeds. By the same token, they gave a very comfortable majority to BJP because Narender Modi promised to deviate from the UPA’s path. The simple question is how can misdeeds of past let alone justify the mistakes of current misdeeds.

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The matter became more serious because Swaraj’s daughter has worked with Lalit Modi’s legeal counsel, while the emails narrated that Swaraj’s husband sought lalit modi’s help to secure admission of his nephew in one of the college of UK. Therefore, Swaraj’s stand on humanitarian ground is questionable one.

lalit email Sushmas Shadow

SWARAJ EMAIL Sushmas Shadow

The humanitarian argument is very wide. First Swaraj should have counsulted the agencies before whom legeal action is pending. Secondly, is it possible to extend humanitarian helps to all culprits? if not, then why special treatment to lalit? All persons are equal as per the law of  land? It is strange that in Portugal law does not stipulate any such complusory procedure, as claimed by Sushma. All such make her activity more serious. Being a foreign minister she could have verified the claim of Narendra Modi. Neither she consulted legeal experts nor her fellow Ministers which implies her intentions as not so clean as she claimed.

Corrouption free governance was the promise of our PM. He talked about zero tolerance. But BJP MP government is under serious scanner where even office of the Governer is under doubt.

The common people needs answer from PM to whom they voted. Misdeeds of predecessor cannot justify the misdeeds of the present government in office.

By Dinesh


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