I am too tempted to remain a mute reader of comments/postings from various people to this blog, as well as your invitation to contribute something to this blog site without fear of being outspoken. Here I am Sirs with this piece

It was during those dark days of emergency when as a youngster I had heard with rapt attention a Parsee parable which even today has an uncanny relevance. It goes like this:

A young man in his twenties, kills both his parents, to quickly inherit property and is caught & brought to the courts. Before pronouncing the judgement, the Judge asks the youngster as to whether he has any defense to offer for his heinous crime.

The youngster says to the Judge ” My Lord, you should have mercy on me, as I am now an orphan!!”. 

Now to the parallels in politics: 

Lets get back to the ruling class of those days of Emergency.( Incidentally the same party, oops, the same dynasty, is still ruling us even today). Indira’s election from “Rae Bareilly” had been declared void by the courts. She decides that she will declare emergency & continues to rule.

Get back to the 1971 – Bangla Desh liberation; we had 90000 POWs & Kashmir problem was begging to be resolved. I had heard some rumors in those days that since Bhutto was a school/classmate, Indira could not embarrass him. A diluted Simla agreement was brought in so that uninterrupted/uninterrupt-able   dialog can continue till eternity even while Pakis would inflict million bruises to bleed us in perpetuity. (Mani Shankar Iyer is still loving it)

Bindranwale was a brain child of Indira. That he holed out in Amritsar Golden temple which was later stormed by the Indian army with the terrible saga ending with Indira’s death from assassin’s bullets etc are inevitable consequences. Her darling son Rajeev famously said when the riots took place in 1984 after her death, “that when earth shakes, trees will fall” or something very akin to this kind of nonsense. 

This then was the precursor to the oft repeated references to “sacrifices” of this first family…. continuing today with Sonia’s renunciation of PM’s Gaddi, to darling Rahul’s rubbishing as “Nonsense” his own PM & the govt led by his/his mothers party, even while saying that Power is just “poison”.

The list can go on & on & on. In this scenario comes a man named Narinder Modi who talks a lot of sense, and offers some stray hope that perhaps, yes perhaps, India can redeem itself. But how can this be allowed as the first family is divinely blessed to rule us for ever. The so called Intelligentsia, the Press- both print & Electronic media- the Human rights despots all therefore gang up to demonize this man just because 2002 happened which patently was less horrific than 1984. 

In this process of protecting the first family, every Institution including our own Intelligence network looks to be dismantled, if not disgraced, as a huge collateral damage. I am not as great a devotee of Modi as I am beginning to be anti -ruling class- led by a family which has reaped far too much more than what they have sown which is morphed as “sacrifice”.

Modi may or may not deliver but I truly & sincerely believe that he will try his darn-est to take India to much greater heights, regardless of what the secularists would want me to believe. Give him a chance is my wish….. and hope that there are many who nurture such thoughts, as India is dear to me. And I fervently hope that we the people – as that judge in the youngsters case is not over-awed by the passionate plea of being an orphan, sentences him to death- will judge & sentence this ruling dispensation to force a long leave from Governing the Country.

By A.L. Visweswaran
BTW, I have a blog going for the past few years where I have written mainly on topics devoted to my own “evolution” as a human being and Politics has never been attempted in that blog. Any one keen & who is sick of politics,  can have a peep-in to this link jignyaasaa.blogspot.com

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