Modi is indeed a well-wisher of India, but is he really acting in the frequency louder than that of his words?

Modi’s maniacal obsession with wanting to re-write Indian History and PROJECT / CREATE a pedestal for himself will eventually be his RUIN.He should concentrate on trying to do the good which he envisages.Whatever be the facts of despots of the past. Is Modi taking up a good or correct path for India ??? So far the only tangible good that seems to have come about from the present regime is the SWACCH BHARAT awareness campaign , the rest of all that is talked about appears to be just hot air. Every morning some new hair-brained scheme is announced,the money figures flung about in to the air are only in thousands of Crores of Rupees. where even ONE PAISe of these astronomical sum will come from is a matter of fantasy and conjecture !!!

modi swacch bharat abhyan Modis Maniacal Obsession

Sadly Mr. Nraendra Modi is surrounded by PARROTS and buffoons who just mouth what they feel will be pleasing to the EMPEROR !!! Not a single one of these sycophants are ANGELS. Every single one of them also have plenty of skeletons in their closets. The only truth is that at present these so called paragons of perfection are lying low and have carefully hidden all their ill-gotten LUCRE  for use when the HEAT dies down.

Modi New India Modis Maniacal Obsession

Mr. Modi MUST understand this. I concede that he is a DOER and perhaps his heart is in the right place and he intends well for India, BUT leaping / jumping instead of taking small steps towards the progress of India is plummeting India on a path of disaster. Not a single one of the common man’s problems have been solved or are near being solved, instead the AAM janta is being fed high hopes of an UTOPIAN scenario which does not come overnight.

narendra modi bjp politics Modis Maniacal Obsession

It is a futile exercise to denigrate those from the past. Let us look forward tom a FUTURE as it serves absolutely no purpose or good for the people of this OUR GREAT COUNTRY

By Fergus Misquitta


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