Comparing the child icon Abhimanyu with a Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has still a long way to go is not a pleasant observation.

According to the epic ‘Mahabharat’ , Abhimanyu made his powerful entry on the thirteenth day of the war when he enntered the powerful ‘Padmavyuham’ battle formation of the Kaurava army. It was originally designed by Dronacharya in order to capture Yudhishthira.

abhimanyu narendra modi Mr. Bhagwat, We Don’t Want Modi Ji to Play the Role of Abhimanyu

On the Kaurva side, only Krishna, Arjun and Pradyumna had the secret knowledge to break this contraption. On the critical date Arjuna was lured in crafty battle strategy away from it. Yudhishtir asked Abhimanyu to break the Chakravyuh and he accepted the challenge. He informed  Pandavas  about the limits of his capabilities. He wasn’t knowledgeable about how to come out of the Chakravyuh. He was promised that remaining four Pandavas would follow him into the contraption. But as soon as Abhimanyu entered the Chakravyuha, Jayadrath stopped the four Pandavas from entering it. Abhimanyu eventually got trapped inside but put on a brave fight against all the warriors. He successfully destroyed major force of Aksouhini.

However, in the rush of war, Karna cut off Abhimanyu’s bow. Then Dronacharya and Kripa killed Abhimanyu’s horses and charioteers. Dronacharya also destroyed the hilt of the sword and the shield.  Having found himself without arms, Abhimanyu picked up the wheel of a broken chariot to fend off attackers. Ultimately the wheel is broken into fragments by the enemy forces.  Then Abhimanyu picked up a mace and pounced at Ashwathama. In the ensuing battle Karna killed Abhimanyu.

News of the Abhimanyu killing reached his father Arjuna at the end of the day. He vowed to kill Jayadratha the very next day by sunset, and failing to do so, would commit suicide. To cut the story short, Arjuna cut off Jayadratha’s head in revenge for Abhimanyu’s death.

Now I’m trying to connect the narrative with what Sar Sangh Sanchalak Mohan Bhagwat said about Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mr. Bhagwat was addressing a gathering of 50 sadhus in Hardwar at Parmarth Ashram of former Union minister of state for home Swami Chinmayananda. He said that “swayamsewaks” have come to power and wanted to do good work. Hamaare Abhimanyu chakravyuh ko paar karenge (Our Abhimanyu will break through the circle). “Unke man mein karne ki ichcha hai, dekhna hai kitna kar paate hain (He has the wish to do it, what has to be seen is whether he is actually able to). Hamein poora vishwaas hai ki vo hamaari, desh ki aur sant samaaj ki aashaon par khara utrenge (We fully believe that Modi will fulfill RSS hopes and those of the nation and its sadhus).”

m0han bhagwat narendra modi Mr. Bhagwat, We Don’t Want Modi Ji to Play the Role of Abhimanyu

Responding to queries from the audience, Mr. Bhagwat also recalled the challenges that Mr. Modi faced, saying that despite the change in the ruling party, the government machinery often created obstacles in the way of new initiatives. Did the Chief mean that government machinery is made up of Crafty Kaurvas?

First and foremost, I fail to understand what the RSS is up to? India is a society which, according the Constitution de jure, is based on democratic values. Even before the ascendency of RSS in government, during the Congress Raj, all government institutions had already imbued the Hindu Cultural Traditions. The Common Code is hardly an obstacle in the saffron march.

Let us analyze the great upheaval in Indian politics. The scale of BJP’s victory and the triumphant atmospherics scripted by Narendra Modi had three major components: Multi-billion rupee funding from corporate India at home and abroad, thousands of upwardly mobile IT technocrats mounting a massive propaganda campaign and hundreds of thousands of RSS activists spreading the “Hindutva” racist doctrine among millions of villagers.

Now, as the new dawn in there, we find signs contrary to the promises made in rally after rally.  The dreams of ‘achche din’ and economic recovery have only one silver lining – the ease in petrol prices in international market. It has no connection with the mirage that was shown to the gullible masses. All the demagogy of Black Money, Good Governance and Development were the insidious cover to capture power. Government is failing to proffer any novel creative idea to take the country forward in the comity of nations.

And at the end of six months, there are signs that it is confusing relative efficiency with reform. Peter Druck, the management expert has once commented, “There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency something that should not be done at all.” Mr. Modi might have thought to help his capitalist backers with “open India” concept as we have had plenty of land reserves of the tribes, new strategies to convert farmland to industrial parks and deregulation of labor and environmental controls.

Unfortunately, things are not following the predictable pattern. Investors are not rushing in as expected. They are still not convinced that India is a safe bet for them. To attract the foreign capitalists, the promises of entry into all formerly protected economic sectors are not in focus yet. Where are the new jobs that the Prime Minister promised to the young people at election rallies?

RSS might have promised to the Indian elites the end compensatory quotas for weaker sections; Ram Temple and more to Right wing. For Kashmir Phobia victims – abrogation of Article – 370. For the US, some antivenin  policies against China, Russia and Iran. For many anti-Arabs, close ties and promise close working relations with Israel.

I don’t know where the RSS wants to lead Mr. Modi. The epic ‘Mahabharat’ didn’t make a very happy ending. Comparing the child icon Abhimanyu with a Prime Minister who has still a long way to go is not a pleasant observation.

I wish my country and our Prime Minister a bright future and not the horrific scenery that RSS Chief in conjuring up.

By: Naim Naqvi

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