Do you think – Money is the sign of security? Well, there are women who are still not happy being wife of billionaire. Money is not everything!

A woman whose primary need is “Security” & secondary is “Respect”, she often misinterprets the meaning of security. According to her, money is a sign of ‘Security’ a basic need. ‘Emotional security’ which plays a major role in a relationship take a back seat in her priority list, and this cause problem/mess later in her married life. But why does such “Women run after Money?”

women want money Its Not About Money, Honey!

Let’s try to know few patterns from her psychology.

A Woman has the desire/need to maintain herself, they are more look conscious, status conscious, and her looks appeal men towards her which fulfill her psychological need of admire/praise. Because nature has created her like this way. All this materialistic cycle needs money.

Secondly they are financially depend on their partner ‘Most of women earlier, even today’. Hence choosing partner on financial ground becomes her basic source of financial-security. Those women who understand themselves they doesn’t chase for money. We have seen examples of such women’s, who are happy with average earning man or who decided to settle down, whom they love, for them emotional need to be fulfill first, it does have more weightage over financial need.

There are women who are still not happy being wife of billionaire, what makes them to chase someone else, if money is everything for them. Lady Diana why she was not happy with Prince.


When women are beautiful they have queue of men to chase her, and if she is not beautiful??

Women becomes symbol of “beauty” or alternatively become ‘Glamor’ need, like we see in Bollywood. What type of role they do or offers to them. How many of them actually could survive on the basis of their talent. So does Mallika Sherawat has acting potential? In India we still have acceptability that; men on reaching/crossing to his 48 birthday can do leading role as a ‘Hero’ but women are not acceptable for Indian audience on same parameters, once she is married her career is over? Likewise Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & Kajol.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan In New Delhi 5 Its Not About Money, Honey!

So what’s beauty description we have set for her?

Long hair

Fair complexion

Sharp features

Expressive eyes

Sweet voice

Good outline

How she present/behave (newly emerge)

Is that all about for a woman, why they have been rated on parameter of their looks. Where we categorize her nature/character/Talent.

Think on this, if today I am beautiful what is my contribution? And if not then, what is my fault? I have not created myself, what kind of complexion, eyes, physics I’ll be having will totally depend on the combination of multiple genes from parents and some amount of mutation if at all it takes place, and that becomes her value stage in the world. And world makes her to face these standards.


Chap on matrimony sites; first requirement for ideal would be is; She should be good looking with fair complexion. So only good looking girls qualify for marriage or for ad purpose, if it is so? Then God is doing mistakes by creating average looking girls he needs to revise his concept (LOL). I am not saying, average looking girls don’t get marry surely do, but what is more in demand a beautiful ‘Show piece’ every man dream of her. Comic part is marriage which is personal decision but often in ‘East’ influence on social mindset/activities.

She should be good character, what are the measures to measure her character and why they should do? Do guys produce character certificate? They could have their past life & they openly share to their wives & later even indulge extra marital affairs mostly in professional life (it’s hidden) but every men want his lady should be one man oriented. (Kidding – Wasn’t their partner some or other female along with them in those scandals/affairs as a partner & must be wife/sister of someone or was it third gender? LOL).

That is reason why every women want to listen one dialogue forever; “She is beautiful’ as she knew this sets her value. When they have been differentiate on certain parameters then they become ‘Demanding’; to demand all comfort & lifestyle they want. That is why we heard saying each other “Women run after Money”, now we know why this happened.Every mirror has its own darker side. We should think & have courage to see to it.

By: Rajkumari Nagpal

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