What happens during monsoon session of parliament?

Can you imagine the state of mind of a year old bride-groom for not having even a single interaction in this long awaited monsoon month. Even the age old couples who hardly interact throughout the year get together in this ‘wedding monsoon’ month… known as honeymoon month. Just imagine the level of frustration they have in their mind, especially when the honeymoon floor was decorated with all its fragrance and waiting for couple to perform.

Beach Honeymoon This Monsoon   No Honeymoon
Being Indian, going on honeymoon holiday is still a taboo, but what if you didn’t get space at your own house? We Indians are highly interested in others honeymoon story, Aren’t we? We are! After all we are followers of Asharam and Radhe (sorry followers she doesn’t deserve to be called maa).

What they (couple) did, how they did, and so on.. are digestive pills for our immune system, without this pill we can’t digest even mineral water. We try all our James bound type hollow mind to know about others secret play. It’s not our fault it’s our DNA.

But sometimes we cross limits and this monsoon, it happens. These neighbours are really not good.What I am talking about here is parliamentary honeymoon. Monsoon session is over, the well decorated floor is still waiting for single heroic performance but all these neighbours continued poking and the honeymoon is over. These neighbours didn’t let the newly wedded bride-groom perform;  they didn’t gave them chance to have some naughty conversation….

Sushma This Monsoon   No Honeymoon


Though we all know that too much of honey during honeymoon spoils it’s taste, a pinch of salt is needed to make the trip worthy. Just like a shy partner…. But just think for a while that if s/he behave naughty throughout session then will it be fun ? Never…

I don’t know whom to blame and whom to not. This below average performer monsoon or the jilted neighbour who started shouting whenever the bride-groom were about to start their step. As we can’t fight with nature so I will not blame monsoon for its under performance throughout the country and making the session little bit less romantic. As far as dear neighbours are concerned they must be blamed for continuously interrupting the couple and leaving the honeymoon floor virgin this time. Their continuous interruption soil the expectation of nation, waiting for some “good news” this time.

What! You don’t know about good news.. Don’t be silly all we know what good news we expect from honeymoon.

Manohar Singh and Sonia Gandhi This Monsoon   No Honeymoon

Only because of some sterile neighbour, nation fails to get any good news. Yes I am talking about monsoon session of parliament which proved nothing but shame for the nation. Truly speaking what I came to realize is that both the Govt. and opposition were not willing to run the house. This is not the first time for all these “tu-tu-mai-mai“.

Opposition as per its nature tries all its means to paralyse the house and it succeeded too in doing so. So they are right the session is fruitful, but government who claim that opposition paralyses the house didn’t show any sign of eagerness and enthusiasm in running the house. Instead of finding the sub-way to run the house government tries all it’s means to defame opposition for not functioning the house and in doing so government succeeded too and session is fruitful for the government too.

Parliament This Monsoon   No Honeymoon

Once caretaker of the honeymoon floor tries to give some positive vibes to the nation by exiling some hard-core neighbour for few days but it too proved worthless. None of the bride-groom supporters gave statements which hold some water, carrying the legacy Gabbar, didn’t utter a single word God knows why. May be he tries to hide that not only the opposition but the occupant too is sterile. So there is no good news from this honeymoon. As it generally happens in Indian society when we poke our neighbour too much it ends with slug-war and here too it ends with slugfest.

May be some good news will come soon.
Waiting for the next HONEYMOON TRIP. Jai hind!

By Diwakar Jha 

Images by author

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