Get ready for the better part of the monsoons, this July !

It’s June, the time of the year where we welcome the seasonal monsoons and with it, a hoard of other problems. We’ve always blamed the civic administration for these monsoon troubles but who is to blame really? Us or them or maybe both?

Potholes Anyone?

No matter how recently the administration fixed the roads in your city, you are bound to see a bunch of new potholes cropping up the minute it rains. Was it the cement used, we wonder?

Potholes in India What To Look Forward to this Monsoon?

Every City Will Flood!

Monsoon flooding. Be it Delhi, Pune or Mumbai, with the onslaught of heavy rains you can expect intense flooding in some parts of most cities every year. This makes headlines too, every year, monsoon after monsoon, year after year nationwide. Do you recall the Uttarakhand flood tragedy or the 2005 monsoons floods in Mumbai that claimed hundreds of lives?

Uttarakhand Floods What To Look Forward to this Monsoon?

For the 2005 Mumbai floods, they said the main causes were poor drainage, rapid growth and expansion of the city, destruction of Mangroves along the banks of the Mithi.

A cloudburst was said to have caused the Uttarakhand flooding that claimed endless lives, those of locals and several tourists. Poor infrastructure and unplanned expansion and development were main causes too.

But once we faced the crises and the year ended, what was done in terms of finding a solution?

Let’s Get Stuck in Traffic When it Rains

Another highlight of every monsoon is intense traffic the minute it rains. Where it usually takes 20 minutes to get from place A to place B, you’ll spend not just double the time but triple the time if it has just rained or is raining. Why do we always have traffic snarls when there’s a downpour?

Power Outage

Most major cities in the country will face blackouts during the monsoons. This may happen periodically throughout the season or there may be one huge long term outage that lasts for over a day. Quite recently in Pune, due to heavy rains, areas around Bopodi and Chinchwad were left in the darkness for an entire night! This is our state in the 21st Century! So let’s roll out the candles…

Power Outage What To Look Forward to this Monsoon?

So Much to Look Forward To

Is our infrastructure so poor or ill-prepared to channelize water from the rains? How come we still don’t know how to effectively manage rainwater and prevent these repeated problems. How come we still face the problem of floods and disease every year? Common headlines that throng the papers every Monsoon include news on floods, news on Dengue and Malaria breakouts…

Maybe it’s time we all get together to do something about it.

india monsoon What To Look Forward to this Monsoon?

 By Paroma Sen

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