Kejriwal and his other AAP members are not yet cured of the effect BJP’s whooping victory in elections has left behind. Kejriwal still finds EVM at fault.

It was shocking today to see how Democratic institutions are used, abused, and misused for self-serving politics. And, it is shocking even more to see the office of Election Commission with independent charge not acting firmly, decisively, legally and constitutionally, even when a serious crime is committed.

Yes, I am talking about election commission authority.

The EVM tampering issue is being politicized from the time Election Results were out in UP Elections. BSP, AAP, RJD, and even Congress were seen vocal, aggressive because they were rejected and voted out by the people of UP. This, they could not digest since BJP won 325 seats in UP and emerged as a single largest party to stake its claim to form the government in UP.

Yogi Adityanath  Two Months And Counting But Kejriwals EVM Story Continues

It was shocking for BSP and SP when both the parties were voted out for losing their credibility in the people of UP.

Then came Delhi MCD elections when AAP was bragging to win over with a clean sweep and was in for a shock again, where BJP won 82 seats and in all three MCD corporations came in the full majority to govern Delhi.

This defeats in elections one after another were shocking for all the opposition parties and they felt threatened of their own political existence in Indian politics against Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.

That is when they all decided to form a Mahagatbandhan between Congress, RJD, JDU, CPI, CPM, TMC, NCP, and AAP to fight Narendra Modi and BJP. Instead of doing introspection or analyzing what went wrong in their efforts and approach.

up election alliance Two Months And Counting But Kejriwals EVM Story Continues


Another reason was Laloo Prasad and Kejriwal are both under media attack for serious Corruption charges against them for the last 4 days.

Kapil Mishra, the Sr Minister from AAP Delhi cabinet rebelled against CM Kejriwal, delinked himself from AAP and in the media, he leveled very serious corruption charges against Arvind Kejriwal, his other Minister Satyendra Jain, and all his close associates, from Manish Sisodia and Sanjay Singh to Ashish Khetan and Ashutosh.

kapil mishra Two Months And Counting But Kejriwals EVM Story Continues

With the result, Kejriwal and gang got rattled completely and Kejriwal sarkar called for a Special Assembly session. This Special Session was attended by special guests from JDU, RJD and Congress. Some leaders supporting political leaders who are equally corrupt like Kejriwal were present in Delhi Assembly Galleries when Delhi was waiting to hear Kejriwal’s response on corruption charges leveled at him by his closest Minister. But to the surprise of all, Kejriwal chose to debate EVM Tampering issue in the Special Assembly Session instead of answering about corruption charges leveled at him.

evm kejriwal Two Months And Counting But Kejriwals EVM Story Continues

But this is not the main Story….

In Delhi Assembly Debate, one of his MLAs, Bhaaradvaaj presented a DEMO on one the EVM like machine, to show how EVM machine can be easily Tampered with.

This was shocking to me and to many because

1: From where did he get that EVM machine?
2 .Did he get it from the office of the EC ? Or was it stolen ???
3: Did he have prior permission from EC to perform a Demo in front of the world showing how Indian voting machines can be easily manipulated in favor of one party like BJP which is nothing but cheating.
4: Is this not unconstitutional, illegal and an abuse of power??

My question is why AAP CM with his MLA be not arrested immediately for lowering the credibility of the election commission ???

When EC had thrown a challenge to all political parties to come on May 12th and prove it in front of them by tampering the machines if anyone can, why did AAP chose to perform a demo in Delhi assembly before 12th, then, and why on the machine which is not the actual EVM unit EC has got in their custody??

Is it not a matter of national image in the international world where  EC has got high degree of credibility and reputation ? 

Isn´t that credibility gone down the drain today?

And lastly which is very important–is Kejriwal and all the opposition parties who are supporting him in this EVM issue trying to tell people of this country that you have been fooled, cheated ??

kejriwal evm Two Months And Counting But Kejriwals EVM Story Continues

Will they not lose faith in our electoral democracy?? Is this what they want.??

Create a political anarchy to defame Modi government, destabilize India and derail the government in power in the Indian politics.

It is rightly said when you can not convince people, you confuse people.

And this is exactly what Kejriwal and all his political alliance partners are trying to do today.

But the bigger question to me that is more upsetting is…

1- What is Delhi LG doing???

2- What is ACB and CBI doing sitting on loads of proofs of corrupt governance by CM Kejriwal?

3- And finally, what is central Modi government doing?? 

Why cant it take action against such corrupt government involved in black money transactions, hawala, illegal land deals, money laundering and criminals in app ministry??

4- Why is PM Modi government quiet? 

If BJP is in the central government, doesn’t it become their legal and moral responsibility to ask CBI, ACB, and LG to act fast and do justice to Delhi people ???

Modi government can not choose to sit quiet as a mute spectator and let a capital of India- Delhi- suffer when criminals in Delhi are sitting in power.

Is this not what Kejriwal wanted in this country? Political anarchy?


By Ajay Angre

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