Gaya has emerged to be a true melting pot this Ram Navami as the imams from mosques decided to serve water to the Hindu pilgrims in the tropical occasion.

Ram Navami, emblematic of Lord Ram’s birthday, is celebrated across Gaya, Ayodhya and the southern belt of India. Gaya, the land of Buddha, is at a distance of 100 km from state, Bihar, capital Patna. And swarm of Hindu pilgrims flood in Gaya during this religiously major day.

ram navami Mosques Served Hindus With Open Arms In Gaya. Great, Right?

Where temperature scale in Bihar this year is as high as degree forty, there on the other hand the rituals-bound pilgrims were certain to beat the heat and remain active in the ceremony. To put the pilgrims at a bit of ease, the neighbouring mosques un-reluctantly decided to be of some use to the pilgrims, although from another faith, by serving the parched food- passage a glass-full of water.

hindu muslim Mosques Served Hindus With Open Arms In Gaya. Great, Right?

It is the same country we are talking about where chants of intolerance had been, since a few months, at its apex, where communal disharmony had been a routine and where cows had driven on to kill another. It is true that good too blossoms amidst the bad. Intolerance does flip to tolerance. The bitter lips do better to spread love around.  Likewise, the imams of mosques too lovingly served water to the heat-ridden Hindu pilgrims.

Such news surfaces up to rekindle our lost faith in the unison of the two rival faiths.

By Prerna Daga

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