JNU controversy to Owaisi’s refusal to ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’.The way,in last few months, India’s own children inflicted insults on her,it’s a sheer disgrace.

  • M .F. Hussain painted obscene picture of Mother India.

mf hussain obscene painting Why Mother India Would Be Weeping Today

  • Asaduddin Owaisi said that he won’t chant the slogan “Bharat Mata Ki Jai (glory to Mother India)”.

asadudin owaisi Why Mother India Would Be Weeping Today

  • Students and faculty members in JNU belonging to Left organization celebrated the killing of Indian soldiers by Maoists and terrorists.
  • Events were organized to glorify Afzal Guru , Yakub Memon and Maqbool Bhat in JNU. They are dreaded terrorists who are responsible for the killing of hundreds of Indians.

JNU Anti Inida slogans Why Mother India Would Be Weeping Today

  • Anti- India slogans were raised during the event calling for the destruction of India in JNU and also later in Jadavapur University, Kolkata.
  • Kanhaiya Kumar, the communist student leader of JNU, said that Indian soldiers are raping women in Kashmir.
  • Their sympathizers in the media wrote opinion pieces and columns boldly saying that “Yes we are anti – nationals and if you have the guts then act against us”.


India might be the only country in the entire world where just by being anti-national or being in the company of anti-national or by participating in anti-national events one becomes a star.   Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Anirban Bhattacharya got a hero’s welcome by his comrade friends after being released from jail. They were arrested on charges of sedition and while granting Kanhaiya bail the judge strongly warned him not to participate in any such events which are against the interest of India.  But the judge was immediately mocked by the leftist intellectuals because according to them she had dared to teach nationalism to a communist student leader.

Kanhaiya Kumar jnu Why Mother India Would Be Weeping Today


During the nationalism debate organized in JNU, the Marxist intellectuals attacked RSS & BJP, demonized Hindus, attacked the idea of India and got lots of applause. But when Prof. Makarand Paranjape spoke and he started questioning the facts, started pointing towards the flawed ideology of the left, started questioning their bias against the ancient Indian culture and civilization then he was shouted down and not allowed to speak.  Articles were written against him and he was thoroughly ridiculed. In fact The Hindu newspaper who had religiously published all the talks of Marxist thinkers who had participated in nationalism debate in JNU did not even publish his speech.  However none of his opponents were able to challenge the Prof. on facts because the left does not bother much about facts but they sustain by ridiculing others who do not agree with them.

Prof. Paranjapee also informed us that during the JNU student body election, mere 1000 students voted for Kanhaiya Kumar. In JNU the total student strength is around 8000.  The left’s new hero was questioning that around 65% people did not vote for Modi in the Indian General election. But he forgot that in the JNU election just around 12% students voted for him and 88% did not vote for him. However in all the surveys done till date by all media channels (and most of them are not pro Modi we all know) shows that he is still the most popular leader of India and more than 50% of Indians wants to see him as the PM.

Narendra Modi1 Why Mother India Would Be Weeping Today

To rule such a vast country like India the Britishers adopted a strategy and it was to make Indians feel that their culture and civilization are repressive and inferior to the west. And for this they nurtured thinkers, historians and academicians who manipulated Indian history to suit the agenda of the British.  British left India in 1947 but the indoctrinated intellectuals remained here and gained complete control of academic institutions and Media. And this is why we see that in spite of the fact that vast majority of Indians oppose anti nationals but still they are given prime importance by the media. Media choose the events and magnify it to suit their narrative. This is why murder of Akhlaq is a big story but killing of Prashant Poojary is no news or Malda incidents where more than 2 lakhs Muslims violently protested does not get any coverage.  NDTV refused to show the video footage where anti-India slogans were raised in JNU but enthusiastically broadcasted the live speech of Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid & Anirban Bhattachary.

Surprisingly they show their bias quite openly – they insult Hindu Gods and Goddesses, speak against Mother India and call for her death. But we are told not to question them.

Using his freedom when comrade Kanhaiya Kumar was urinating in a public place polluting Mother Earth, then a girl student of JNU opposed such an indecent act on the campus. This infuriated the poster boy of freedom of expression and he hurled abuses at her because she had dared to question him. He called the girl a ‘psycho mental’ and threatened her saying “main tujhe dekh lunga.” And when the girl made this indecent incident public then the left intellectuals again mocked her.

In their world the left are always right and others are always wrong.  


By Purushottam Kumar

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