Mother Teresa is hailed as a noble social worker but did she consider herself as a social worker or a Christian missionary?

Mother Teresa and the Cricket World cup were trending in India and so it did in our community as well. Many other posts on various topics ranging from beauty tips to technology were also posted on the community. Here are the top trending posts.

Mother Theresa, social service and religious conversion! 

Mother Teresa is hailed as a noble social worker but did she consider herself as a social worker or a Christian missionary? Was she a true secular in the Indian sense of the term or did she see the world as a zealous Christian Nun? Know the answers of these questions by reading the excerpts of her interview given to a leading Indian Magazine three decades ago.

Ingredients required for Anna 2.0 to be a success 

Anna Hazare is back.Will he be a force to reckon with? Can he reproduce the magic of jan-lokpal moment? Can he shake the central government this time around? Know what is required for Anna’s dharna to be a great success. Can the inclusion of some of his past comrades bolster his agitation against the Government? If yes then who are they? Read the interesting post to know what Anna needs to strengthen his movement.

The Opening Week of the ICC World Cup 2015 in Pictures!! 

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has seen loads of action and some breathtaking cricket over the past one week or so. Let us take a look at some of the best pictures from the first 10 days of this World Cup! Click on the link to this article on our community to check the pictures that have thus far defined the Cricket World Cup.

The RYNO one Wheeled Scooter Worth $5300 runs on Electricity

The RYNO is an eco-friendly scooter which is unique in the sense that it runs on a single wheel and wont let you fall, says its inventors.It can reach at the speed of 10mph and lasts 10 miles on one charge so can be used for short distance or inner-city travelling. It has a Self-balancing Technology which makes sure the driver doesn’t fall .Another advantage is that the scooter is compact in size so can be parked anywhere .What do you get when you cross a Segway and a mobility scooter? The electric RYNO scooter that is apparently impossible to fall off. Check more about this revolutionary scooter by clicking on the link above.

Myths about Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem faced by almost everybody and so almost everyone has an opinion about it. Read her to know what is fact and what is myth.

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