As life is getting easier, it is also getting unhealthier. Are the growing comforts and luxuries killing our motivation to remain fit and healthy?


“some alike, Im so on;

Gotta do it right yeah, Im so on…..”

“young chozen, I hate you man!!!”

“…..wait a minute, whers papi, Im so on.”SNOOZE.


“some alike, Im so on;

Gotta do it right ye….”.STOP

“OK. YOU WON. And I hate this irritating song of yours more than you ”

This is the transcript of verbal exchanges I have every day with my cell phone in the morning. Wide awake now, I wonder whether I started hating this song after it was set as an alarm tone or I set it as the alarm tone because I hated it beforehand. But then, does it matter anyway. We always end on the opposite side of the table every other day, sometimes I win, sometimes he wins and sometimes I let him win for the sake of AFA. Today it was his day. With no option left now, I put on the shoes in order to hit the road. As soon as I left home, a wave of chill air pierced through my body shaking my determination for a few moments. Gathering myself back, I somehow reached the starting point of 2.4km strip of road connecting to athletics stadium. After about 5minutes of jog, the fog cover started to thicken. I cursed the God inadvertently, “This is my first day and you keep switching it from bad to worse.” As an instant reply, the fog started engulfing me reducing the visibility to just a few metres now. Phew, so much for the help from god. If fog would have been mirror, I could have clearly seen the droplet of sweat trickle down the forehead and eventually disappearing into the sweat-shirt. The door to stadium was nearing but as for Temperature, it provided little respite.

Jogging 300x225 Motivation To Remain Fit
Story of the stadium was not exuberant either. Track and football field were all wet with dew and metal railings had almost become superconductors. Some 20 odd people of different age group and gender were training/exercising in that very stadium. But there was something else in the air apart from the chill. Something that was much more overpowering than the frosty weather. A feeling of delight that could be seen on the face of each person. A sense of accomplishment that they have conquered the call of body for comfort for one more day. But most importantly a delight; of training not because they were forced by someone or they were obese or have a deadline to meet. But because all of them wanted to remain fit, they wanted to be healthy. They were happy because they were doing it for themselves and not to achieve some criterion of a height-weight chart or to earn the rank of a flying officer.

After seeing them, I felt so diminished. Then I thought of this group of recommended candidates, who are just a step away from being inducted as officers in Indian Air Force and here they are; cribbing about the toughness of training, tasks they would have to perform, the number of books they have to read, the physical and mental stress they have to bear, cosmetics, relationships, weekend leaves and everything else. None of us see the training as an opportunity to learn something afresh, as a stepping stone to develop qualities that would help us make decisions of life till we die. No. We just want the training period to be over as soon as possible as if it is a nightmare of life. We are so eager to reach the destination that we are forgetting that the path to it is as much important.

And it happens to everybody irrespective of age, gender, education and geographical location. We all lose the motivation to train and it is the right time that we find some or we will lose it forever. It is the time to flip the switch. For those who are overweight like me, congratulations you already have the source of motivation. For those who are still unable to find some motivation; next morning get out of bed and hurl a pebble towards the stray dog, congratulations now you too have some motivation chasing you. BY HOOK OR BY CROOK, FIND SOME.


By Paras Sharma

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Image Source: By ceiling [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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