The International Organization for Educational Development – IOED has its innovative approach towards uprotting poverty, illiteracy and corruption.Know how.

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The International Organization for Educational Development – IOED and the International Police Commission – IPC extend their warm Greetings to you and would like to attract your kind attention towards the following issues!

IOED A Movement – To Eradicate Deep Rooted Poverty, Illiteracy & Corruption


Today technologically world is advancing at an extremely fast pace but on the other side it is not economically balanced. Industries are facing shortage of technically skilled people and this can directly affect to the productivity and growth of business.

The International Organization for Educational Development – IOED and the International Police Commission – IPC both have been closely working together along with other partner organizations on the subject noted context.

The TEAM of the IOED and the IPC supports and promotes UN Sustainable Development Goals – UN SDG 2030 for the promotion of spiritual, physical, mental, educational development and upliftment of adults and children of all ages without any distinction of caste, creed or religion in the universal interest.

Thanks to the 2030 Agenda, there is now a growing recognition that crimes such as corruption no longer haunt the periphery of the world’s sustainable development activities. Efforts against crime and corruption are now at the centre of this work.

At the local level, the International Police Commission – IPC along with the UNODC works with countries to offer technical advice on invaluable legislative reforms and to help build capacities in the area of law enforcement and successful prosecutions. But change cannot come without the active engagement of the private sector to create a zero tolerance culture, especially in supply chains. Policies should promote private sector competition, and fees for services should be reasonable and affordable.


  1. For Advance Democracy
  2. To Protect the Environment
  3. To Support Justice
  4. To Improve Health
  5. For Encourage Development
  6. To Strengthen Education
  7. To Promote Economic Development
  8. To Protect the Grains

Corruption: an impediment to the Sustainable Development Goals.” We must end corruption now.

Corruption Elephant A Movement – To Eradicate Deep Rooted Poverty, Illiteracy & Corruption

Police Reform:

The Law Enforcement Authorities (Police and Judiciary) who are liable to play the best role to act against corruption are working in pitiful conditions as there is acute shortage of manpower and high pressure of work. We have noticed that the maximum Police personnel work day and night and that too in adverse circumstances to save the citizens but they do not get the deserving respect from the people.

Best Practices in dealing with crime:

To make Police System better, need to involve following:

  1. a) Need to adopt world best practices in Policing
  2. b) Use of medical professionals
  3. c) Use of Psychologist
  4. d) Use of latest technology
  5. e) Regular participation and organizing International Workshops and Conferences for sharing and adopting best practices in dealing with crimes
  6. f) Independent authorities in dealing with registration of complaints and its monitoring
  7. g) 8-10 hour’s duty for police officers with a view to have medical-psycho fitness during duty hours
  8. h) Willingness to understand and implement best practices in Policing
  9. i) Human face of police
  10. j) Need for effective Intelligence Network
  11. k) Quasi-Judicial role of IG and above rank officers with a view to reduce dependency on Courts

Short term course through specialists to enhance the productivity of work and reputation of the Police Personnel to enable the Police Forces public friendly and to regain and maintain a tactical edge over violent extremists who employ Improvised Explosive Device (IEDs) as their weapon of choice, a proactive whole of government approach is required.

We strongly recommend the integration of a Basic Homemade Explosives (HME) Awareness training and equipping program to enable “ALL” Police Officers to become “SENSORS” that analyze bulk materials for the HME Precursors manufactured within and flowing throughout Pakistan into neighbouring countries for IED mass production.  By aggressively targeting the HME Precursors used to make more than 90 percent of the IEDs, the IED attacks, related casualties and destruction will decrease as lawful arrests and HME seizures steadily increase.  Freedom of mobility for military, police and civilians will also increase.

The IOED has been trying to target the underprivileged citizens living in the remote areas (rural, sub-urban and small cities) who are extreme victims of corruption and do not have proper platform and knowledge to encash the limited available resources in their surrounding and knowledge about the government schemes which can be proved highly beneficial to them because they are the real stakeholders. As a result, the percentage of population migrated to cities for searching livelihood and stay as Refugee thereon in own country and face humiliation. What an Irony!

The IOED is running the following courses: Ayurveda, Character Education, Computer Literacy, Foreign Language, General Knowledge, Personality Development, Self Defense, Yoga and Skill for the particular trade as per local area requirement. These all short term vocational courses are of one year only. The “National Skill Development Certification Council” – to Create Global Cadre for skilled workforce to meet global demand of skilled workers will certify. The 10th and 12th passed School dropout students and above are highly recommended for these short term vocational courses. There are huge employment opportunities if candidates are cultured and have good knowledge about the particular trade in all countries.

ioed prospectus A Movement – To Eradicate Deep Rooted Poverty, Illiteracy & Corruption

Knowledge Integrated Skill Modules for Agriculture, Horticulture, and Animal Husbandry Training (KISMAT) Project” is highly appreciable project to provide skill training related to Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry to make youth more employable in these sectors.

Innovative and employable Courses:

  1. Sprinkler & Drip irrigation equipment technician
  2. Nursery management
  3. Repair & Maintenance of Plant protection Equipment
  4. Basic Bee Keeping
  5. Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables
  6. Protected cultivation
  7. Para-vet cum Artificial insemination Assistant
  8. Mushroom cultivation
  9. Vermiculture & Vermicompost
  10. Dairy Management
  11. Advanced dry land farming
  12. Protected and precision farming
  13. Micro irrigation and optimum water Management
  14. Farm to Factory entrepreneurship
  15. Best practices in AH
  16. Farm machinery management
  17. Farm gate value addition
  18. New extension services
  19. Contact farming project management
  20. Solar based farm solutions

The list above is only suggestive, innovative, and employable and ITI level hands on skills relevant to the agro climatic conditions in the State would be highly preferred.

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By General Dr. Arvind Kumar Sharma

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