Mufflerman, the corruption hunter does what no other politician can! The man with his broom can whiff the corrupts and send a fear down their spine ~ Coming soon in Delhi!

MufflerMan – Who is he?”

We know all the iconic men – Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Iron man, Thor, and even the Indianized version of He-man, Shakti-man. But, who in the blazes is Mufflerman?

“Can he fly like the Batman or create a web like the spiderman?” “Is he nocturnal and can be seen only in the night? Or is he like Krrish ?” – Who  is he and what does he do? Is he fictional or is he real? What’s the buzz around Mufflerman?

Mufflerman – Who Is He?

Well, well, well, he is neither a bird nor a robot, he is neither nocturnal nor shy, he is yet another Superhero 


Mufflerman – A Corruption Hunter with a magic wand (broom)

AAP Meme mufflerman arvind kejriwal MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

Like Batman has Gotham, Mufflerman has Dilli

muffler man kejriwal MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

With every dose of Cough Syrup, the Mufflerman consumes, he pledges to cough out every single virus from Dilli and our country.

mufflerman corruption kejriwal MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

His Aim is to Bring back Swaraj – The rule of the people…

muffler man delhi MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

Not Reel, Mufflerman Is Real Life Hero Who Hates Corruption As Much As He-Man Hated Skeletor

delhi arvind kejriwal meme twitter MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

Thor uses his hammer,  Mufflerman uses the broom – the desi jhaadu

B3YFGz9CEAEGCAR MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

If the forces of evil should rise again, to cast a shadow on the heart of the Delhi call me” ~ Mufflerman

arvind kejriwal aap fans MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

He Knows How to Tackle the Corrupts and Criminals

arvind kejriwal super man MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

He Is The Saviour ~ Who can save us from unnecessary Riots

app vs amit shah delhi MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

Mufflerman is the Modern day Liberator Who Won’t Allow Third Class Governance in the Country

arvind kejriwal quotes images MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

No Dufferman, No Blufferman, he is one and only, the Mufflerman ~ Delhi’s Own Super Hero. Let the Fight for Swaraj Begin…..

swaraj kejriwal memes MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

He is believed to be a Piped Piper of Indian Politics ~ Without the Muffler, the #Mufflerman!

kejriwal amul ad MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

The Crusader of Clean Governance ~ Mufflerman Is an Inspiration to the Young Kids who now believe that a broom is mightier than the sword of corrupts

aap broom cartoon mufflerman1 MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

A Common Man’s Messiah, A Man capable of Bringing the Desired Change ~ Welcome the Return of the Mufflerman

kejriwal mission delhi elections MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

The Kids Cannot Stop Reading and Admiring his Honesty and the Work he did in 49 days last year ~ They are already in Love with their super hero, the Mufflerman

super hero muffler man aap twitter delhi cartoon MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

M-ajestic U-pright F-firm F-ighter L-iberal E-lectic R-eformer ~ The Mufflerman Is All Set to fight against Corruption

aap against corruption delhi MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

Yes, Mufflerman is the Ultimate Man who does what no other Politican can!

79271783 muffler MufflerMan aka Arvind Kejriwal

Let the Fear Rise Amongst the Corrupt, Impious, Scandalous, and let the Common Man take a sigh of relief, Now that Mufflerman is on his way……..


Please let us know your thoughts …


Image Source: 1, 2, Twitter

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