Mulayam will speak nonsense but support rapists and not victims.

The mesh of Indian politics knows only to trap victims and repel the rapists. And once again the Samajwadi party chief, Mulayam Singh Yadav has sparked off turmoil and tumult in the media with his ruthless comment. In order to extol Uttar Pradesh, he proclaimed that his state is the only law-and-order driven state among all.  What followed his claim was a deplorable statement, “it is impossible for four men to rape a woman”.

arnab lalu Mulayam Singh Yadav A Shameless Figure

In fact, such awful remark was not his inaugural. For last year as well, to shield the rapists from death penalty, he shamelessly blurted out,” boys will be boys, they commit mistakes”. To top, he blew the whistle against girls saying that over-friendly girls build up friendship with boys and on the birth of differences, they victimise boys with rape-charge.

Shooting arrows on his opponents, he said UP’s repute is being soiled because of the enmity between his and his opponent’s party. Otherwise the state UP, despite being astronomically populated, stands out with very low crime records.

Don’t these politicians cringe when give away such mean comment? How can one be not considerate towards the woes of girl and instead woo people to keep their party untainted?

Can ever good politics wash off such filthy Indian politics? Will that day ever break?

By Prerna Daga

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