Kumar Vishwas is a politician, poet, would-be Bigg Boss contender and all round colourful individual. Does that make him versatile or vacillating? You decide

Aam Aadmi Leader, Poet, Bigg Boss with Kim Kardashian, BJP Supporter?kumar vishwas MULTI FACETED KUMAR VISHWAS

  1. Kumar Vishwas is the rather colourful Aam Aadmi Party member who wears several hats. Not only is he a poet and a professor of Hindi literature and someone who makes for some great media sound-bites, he has many other claims to fame; not all positive.
  2. He may be part of the AAP, but that doesn’t deter him from praising his party’s arch rival and the ruling party BJP. He recently went on record to praise the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his successful Japan trip and for the actions of his government in flood hit Jammu and Kashmir. According to him, Modi is not a political rival but the leader of the country – not of a party but of 125 crore Indians.
  3. Kumar Vishwas is also not above directing criticism against his own party. Even as he praised Modi, he announced his apprehension that AAP seems to be turning into a “typical political party”. He also went on record to speak about AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal and that if the Jan Lokpal Bill cannot be passed despite being in power, this is dishonesty. (Source – OneIndia)
  4. Continuing what is now being seen as his increasing leaning towards the BJP, Kumar Vishwas announced that he would have no hesitation in joining the Kawi Sammelan or poetry session slated to be held in Surat to celebrate the PM’s birthday later this month, saying this is just a poetry session and not an anti party activity. He added that if his party AAP instructed him not to participate in the event he would quit the party. (Source – Asian Age)
  5. Kumar Vishwas seems to have a strange flip-flop, love-hate relationship with the BJP – where on the one hand he doesn’t hesitate to heap praise upon the PM, on the other he alleged that the party offered him the post of Chief Minister, Delhi. He alleged that he had been approached by a BJP MP to defect and to help the BJP form a government in Delhi. According to the Economic Times, this prompted the BJP to swiftly retaliate with the threat of legal action against Kumar Vishwas.
  6. As a poet, Vishwas has performed regularly at various Kavi Sammelans within the county and abroad as well. He has been a part of poetry events held at Jamia Millia Islamia, MNNIT Allahabad, IIT Roorkee, NIT Jallandhar, IIM Lucknow, BITS Pilani and so on.
  7. He has gotten into various controversies from time to time; most famously when a 2008 video of his surfaced in January 2013 when he was heard to be making racial comments against nurses from Kerala. He commented on skin colour and personal attractiveness of nurses from the state which prompted the Chief Minister of Kerala Oomen Chandy to write to Arvind Kejriwal demanding an apology.
  8. He has had eggs hurled at him during a rally in Rae-Bareilly, he has had an FIR lodged against him for comments made on the occasion of Muharram, and has also had other complaints lodged against him for hurting religious sentiments.
  9. The florid poet-leader doesn’t confine his activities to politics and poetry either. He has recently been in the news for having demanded Rs 21 crore to participate in the TV show Bigg Boss. One wonders if he hoped to share screen time with the likes of Kim Kardashian perhaps? (We are informed that Kim Kardashian may make an appearance on Bigg Boss season 8.) No, it turns out that the poet-politician wanted the money so that it could be donated to a worthy cause; a charity for the widows of our martyrs.

Image source – Kumar Vishwas, Indian Express

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