When straightforwardness fails, crookedness has to be implemented and so did the Mumbaikars to have inaugrated the flyover when politicians kept delaying.

Is it actually vital to see the politicians commemorating or cutting ribbon to mark the inauguration of something vital? This has been deep-seated custom in India letting only these corrupted honchos to incise the ribbon and permit its first usage.

Inauguration of 2.25 km long flyover connecting Jogeshwari East and West in Mumbai was being staved off for quite a long time, for the miff between Shiv Sena and BJP continued to augment and not mitigate, delaying it further on and on.

getimage Well Done Mumbai Citizens To Have Inaugurated A Flyover Themselves!


Every elastic has its break-point, likewise is our patience, Mumbaikars’ patience too. Incessant Who-to-cut-the ribbon game was on between Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray and Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis. Mumbaikars agreed to not be an audience but abandon the game and start their own.

“Sometimes, you have to take charge and be the change. After hearing about the new Jogeshwari flyover. I decided to ride it but was disappointed that it hadn’t been inaugurated yet. I removed the barriers and drove to the other side where a few boys helped me push aside another barrier. We self-inaugurated it. We don’t need ministers. Happy Independence Day,” said a Facebook post by Sampath K Iyengar, a resident of Jogeshwari.

flyover mumbai east to west Well Done Mumbai Citizens To Have Inaugurated A Flyover Themselves!

Call it a slap on the face of politicians or call it a forewarning to the late-coming and self-centred politicians, may what people think, but I call it a much-needed retort against the politicians. If every Indian in the country muster enough courage to agitate against the carefree government and conclude their will this way, India would never be a puppet under the hands of politicians and true democracy would sprout in the country.

By Prerna Daga

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