The day isn’t too away when Mumbai would not be known as ‘city of dreams’ but ‘city of kidnaps’. After all, none expects unsafety from a city like Mumbai.

Eyes glinting with dreams, heart harping on new hopes and feet dancing to the pace, one sets about for Mumbai. And that got Mumbai its name, ‘City Of Dreams’. But rampantly rising crimes in the city is taking toll on the repute of this age-old sobriquet Mumbai held on.

Announcing its insecurity for girls, Mumbai adjoins national capital Delhi. Once-safe-for-girls Mumbai is no more any same for its ladies. Rising no of kidnaps and rapes is a clarion tell-tale of its dwindling safety. Moreover, as reported by police, crime towards minor is on the upper side.

As computed from the last two month’s history, minor rapes accounted to 80 while kidnaps summed up to 150. Does that shake your dreams a bit to settle in Mumbai?

mumbai minor rape Mumbai – City Of Dreams Or Kidnaps?

In fact, in last week alone, two cases of rapes and kidnaps had surfaced up, in which one was victimized to her death and other, disposed raped near the railway track.

The drift from 2014 to 2015 has scaled up the crime count in Mumbai. 350 rapes in 2014 stands at around 447 in 2015 while 289 kidnap cases in 2014 multiplied nearly three times to 922 in 2015. Speculations are there that the missing girls are utilized by the syndicate as beggars.

mumbai kidnap cases Mumbai – City Of Dreams Or Kidnaps?

What is imminent is that Mumbai too, alike Delhi, would be denounced as dead unsafe place for Delhi, if not curbed down is the rising crime.

By Prerna Daga

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