A smooth New Year’s Eve despite of high court’s quashing of deadlines set by the Mumbai Police proves that what a city needs is good policing in the form of prevention and protection rather than restrictions.

Few days ago there was lot of confusion on the New Year’s Eve deadline. The top cops and his team had stated that Mumbai-ites can only celebrate till one and a half hours after the midnight and head back straight to home at 1.30 am. This however, did not go down well both with the party goers as well as the hosts and so the Indian Hotels and Restaurants Association challenged the deadline in High Court.

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Navi Mumbai

Mr. Judge asked the reasons for the deadline, our Top Cop Police Commissioner SatyaPal Singh who was given the permission by none other than our so called activist Home Minister RR Patil to decide the deadline had various reasons in his Pandora box. The major being, discouraging people from drinking and driving after consuming alcohol, preventing rapes as well as molestation of women and most importantly shutting the city early due to Yasin Bhatkal’s declaration about the Indian Mujahideen scheduling nuclear blasts in India. Going by Mr. Top Cop’s philosophy, it seems that we need to stop eating if there is a possibility of Food Poisoning and even stop venturing out of the home if there are possible threats on the street. Restriction according to him is viable whereas prevention is something beyond his thinking capabilities. Ah, tomorrow the cops would tell us to cover our body, right from the head till toe so that we do not get molested or raped.

Is this the solution, well, certainly not! Sorry to mention, but this reminds me of one more incident of last year where Asaram went with his inanity in the Nirbhaya case alleging, she would have not been raped, had she addressed the rapists as brothers. Period! While, the babus, pandus, police kaptans always go on with restricting methods to put off obstacles, the court always rules out their irrational reasons. This time around too, Justice Gautam Patel slapped the men in khakis right in the face by calling the deadline “illogical.” He too, like us shared the same opinion that proper precaution is the solution to avoid mishaps stating, “The Shakti Mills gang-rape did not occur on December 31. If proper precautions are taken, such incidents would not occur.”

And guess what? The entire Mumbai was outside celebrating till 4 am and behaved really well, proving the top cop wrong and his fears groundless. According to Mumbai Mirror statistics, there has been no case of rape/molestation along with a drop of 272 cases with respect to drunk and driving. Surprisingly, not even one cabby was drinking under the influence of alcohol. This surely deserves an appreciation for those 25,000+ cops including the Traffic Police who were stretched across the city and did a splendid job of keeping things under control. Regarding the terror threats, all I want to say is that Mumbai has threats all the time and not just December 31. I suggest our cops take a break and watch movies like A Wednesday rather than whine over deadlines to control situations when they themselves are capable of preventing things brilliantly. The way Mumbai Police controlled things on 31st confirms that restriction is not the solution. Aha, this incident proves that, it’s high time, we Indians concentrate on precaution and prevention rather than pondering on restriction…

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Image Source: By gentlesound (originally posted to Flickr as Navi Mumbai) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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