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I’d Rather be a Muslim in India Than in Any Other ‘Muslim’ Country

21 year old Aashiya Begum narrates the real secular India. She tells us how in India there is no fear but the freedom to choose what she or others wish to follow. India is the country where she is neither afraid of being killed for seeking education, nor for not wearing the Hijab. She tells you how she is free to drive alone without the fear of being lashed and how her career is not confined to only a few gender segregated job opportunities.  Read her opinion and story where she confesses – I’d Rather be a Muslim in India Than in Any Other ‘Muslim’ Country.

India Beats PreTournament South Africa By 130 Runs in MCG

I do not think that the most ardent of Indian fan would have believed if anyone would have told him that these would be the results of India’s two opening games after seeing their performance in the tri series where they lost every single game. More than the win, it is the manner in which they have won which must warm the heart of every fan of the Men in Blue. Catch all the action of how India defeated South Africa by 130 runs.

Hawala : How It Works

The childhood mystery deciphered! Know how Hawala,  informal systems of transferring money around the world functions. Know the system, the people involved with illustration for you to have a clear picture.

Kahaani Vinod Rai Aur Coal Block Ki

It is a long story of 20 years, the writer narrates the story rather gives an overview of what actually happened in the Coal Gate Scam involving Vinod Rai. Read the information to know what really happened…

Movie Review : Sriram Raghavan’s Badlapur

No Hindi film director treats noir as finely and uncompromisingly as Sriram Raghavan, making the most of each shadow and each secret, feeding us lies and making us read between them, his films unfolding with the stark alacrity of well-thumbed graphic novels. Check out the review of his latest film – Badlapur starring Varun Dhawan and Nawazuddin Siddique

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