Not every Khan or every Mohammad are meant to slaughter cows. Many like Mohammad Zaik risks his own life to save a cow,

Religious strife over cow slaughtering has engulfed our society deep in violence since decades. Since when, don’t know, but only blood, be it of cows or humans, is that what kept deepening the sea of violence our society is suffocating in.

akhlaq killed Not Every Khan Kills Cows

It was last week only when a row was broken over beef-storage by a Muslim, terminating in his death. What an ideal vengeance it was to lynch a man who lynched a cow! Isn’t it? Well, Akhlaq’s case was some-how brought to light by the media, otherwise who knows that how many such Akhlaqs breathe their last under the vengeance-edged rapier.

muslim saves cow Not Every Khan Kills Cows

I want to challenge the mob who, like a shot, shot Akhlaq down to death for his against-the Hindu-religion beef intake, would the same mob be courageous enough to shower this Muslim with laurels, who plunged into the well to be the saviour of our holy cow. Mohammad Zaki, a 20-year-old Muslim from Polykheda locality did not let the clock run a second even and jumped into the well to save its risked life. After the provision of crane was lent, he tied the strap around its stomach,rested his butts upon the cow and was pulled out along with the cow. The crane owner reported that many circumventing the well wanted to be the cow’s saviour but it was Zaki who was too swift with his discretion.

Fingers very easily pinpoint against law-breakers and religion-insolent like Akhlaq but bows for religion-un-biased and humanity-mascot like Zaki happen seldom. While I was browsing through headlines in TOI, my eyes met this piece of news and I simply could not hold myself back to pen down an article on it and pull in countless eyes upon it. For, the pen of journalism retains its unbiased dogma on everything they write, no matter even if it is about Hindus or  Muslims.

justice Not Every Khan Kills Cows

By Prerna Daga

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