India is not a land of hostility. I am a proud Muslim who is an Indian, because of all that the country has gifted me with, first and Muslim next.

I studied in “Saraswati Vidya Mandir” which is run by RSS. Throughout my education, I haven’t attended a school this good.

I was the only Muslim kid in my class and not only in the class but in all the four sections of the same class. I learnt Ram Stuti, Shiv Stuti, Hanuman Chalisa, Bhojan Mantra and countless other Hindu prayers. I celebrated hindu festivals with my friends.Janmashtami, that was my favourite.

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I soon became favourite of few of my teachers. I sucked at maths and before the board exams my maths teacher offered me to get free lessons from him after school. He used to stay late only because of me. On sundays, he used to invite me to his home and he never asked a penny for it.

I passed with 80% and eventually did MCA and got a good job, even before i finished the course. All of this happened because he helped me with the Maths.

I was a Muslim kid, everyone could have easily ignored/bullied me, but they didn’t. I made friends with all the Hindu kids, Teachers loved me and never let me feel like an outsider.

I can’t imagine this, happening with any other muslim kid in any other country where they don’t have a majority muslim population.

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I am proud of my country, my school and my teachers and thankful to my parents for not listening to anyone and getting me admitted to this school. I thank my God who bestowed me with this chapter in my life where i learnt that no religion is bigger than humanity.

By Waqas Abdullah at quora

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