…And even more hurt are the men who felt an utmost need to make another video titled MY CHOICE – Male Version

And suddenly feminism seems the ugliest movement in the history of mankind, everybody seems to be outraged by the narrow definition of Feminism given by Ms. Deepika Padukone in her latest video.Some even grabbed the golden scene and made another video replying her , ‘HIS CHOICE’ they called it, with mentions of how hurt they have been.

Deepika Padukone Video Women Empower Homi Adajania Vogue Empower my choice Between Her My Choice & His Choice, Everything Is Lost!

While a few even more enthusiastic bloggers taking all the pain to draft thousand word open letters telling Deepika what a sin on this earth had she committed. The only procedure spared to being completely offended is an FIR .(you never know if somebody is already on his way to lodge one)

I watched the video thrice trying to figure out what exactly in the video called for a slapping reply. And even before I could finish watching it, my whatsapp whistled with 20 reasons why Deepika’s feminism is fake and Saina Nehwal is the true star. Thus translating my curiosity into confusion as to which human gene can make one so stupid to compare two absolutely dissimilar ladies.

Firstly when on this planet did Deepika claim that definition of feminism was the subject of her video , we have simply presumed things to be of the colour we wanted them to be . And then the replies that were dropped just did not have any link to what My Choice spoke .

You either couldn’t get it rightly or you are too stupid to understand her . In both the cases the best option will be to modestly shut up .

And then the undue comparisons drawn between Saina and Deepika and their feminism . Of course they are two distinguished ladies with spectacular success and its highly derogatory to weigh them and their notions.

Although Saina has never branded her success as No.1 being the face of indian feminism nor has she come out to speak something similar . But personally even if we assume success of Saina and Deepika’s video being two books of feminism , I will definitely pick Deepika’s. Because feminism is a movement for equality between genders, why should professional success be a criteria for strengthening the advocacy of equality .

For the only reason , we want women to be respected and have her rights to choose not because they can do so much , they are highly gifted to win over the world but because they simply are what they are . And irrespective of their excellence anywhere, you simply do not have any right to dismiss her rights . Deepika demanded equality on more humane basis than assumed notion of Saina’s feminism .

Now to the question of Deepika popularizing Fake Feminism with undue openness and demanding irrational choices to do just everything. It is being said she says its her choice to open the bra strap on camera, completely ignoring the ill-effects that will travel in the minds of young views. Some even quoted doctors are already worried over teen pregnancies and this could have degrading impacts on the society. Really ? Aren’t you quite intentionally being Hindu Mahasabha here ? Or even worse .

If saying undressing or having sex is one’s personal choice leads to teenage pregnancies ,then god save us from a generation with such brilliant logic .

And even more hurt are the men who felt an utmost need to make another video titled MY CHOICE – Male Version (more than 50 have already booked themselves on youtube). Even a My Choice- Dog version also came up. If on this earth human species can drop to levels of such idiotic jealousy, then it is really uncertain to say who hits our ego next , or better makes us so envious to presume somebody elaborating her rights is our rights being overshadowed . Thus arises the urgent need to explain ourselves.

Between her struggle to expound her choices and His efforts to tell he too exercises full control over his decisions to do anything appealing to him – A beautiful relationship of man and woman has got absolutely lost. We have turned it into a war like situation. She said I have complete right to have sex outside marriage . He then said I have full rights to have sex with whomever I like as well.

Will you please stop it ! This is not a competition for god sake. Accept it or not , women inturn have been suffering throughout ages and even today are caged like cattle . And hence it is cent percent justified to push her movement for equal rights , be it choices . That in no sense means the rights of men are being curbed.

Making efforts to bring a sex equal to one does never mean you are being brought down.

Both men and women, I have just one advice for you- Grow up kids ! You simply cannot fight for no real reason either get a solid one or save these guts to better combat more serious, graver issues.

By: Akshat Tyagi

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