The love triangle of Ajabde – Maharana Pratap & Phool Kanwar cannot be true. Know the background of Ajabde Punwar & Phool Kanwar here

Bharat Ka Veer Putra Maharana Pratap is more famous for its imaginary plots than the real story of the past. At several occasions, we saw how the serial distorted the actual facts to adjust the requirements of a Television serial in this era of TRPs and TVTs. From defaming Mughal Emperor Akbar to maligning the character of Rao Surtan Singh, we saw it all.

Going by the historical drama’s previous record, it is quite apparent that the track of Maharana Pratap – Ajabde and Phool Kanwar is only imaginary. Here’s the reasoning: 

Maharana Pratap Phool Kanwar Ajabde The Mystery of Maharana Pratap   Ajabde   Phool Kanwar Ends here

There is no record of Ajabde (Ajabdeh/Ajabade)

In historical evidences, written documents, besides the fact that Ajabade was first wife of Maharana Pratap and mother of Pratap’s first son and successor Amar Singh, there is no other record. Although Contiloe Entertainment, the company which telecast the serial brags of a love story between Ajabade and Pratap Singh, there is no evidence to support their love before marriage.

Ajadeh Maharana Pratap The Mystery of Maharana Pratap   Ajabde   Phool Kanwar Ends here

Ajabde and Phool Kanwar were cousins – Questionable!

Ajabdeh was daughter of Rao Ram Rakh Panwar. “Panwar” belongs to Agnivanshi clan of Rajput. Panwars according to anthropologists are referred as “tribes”. On the other hand, Phool Kanwar aka Phool Bai Rathore belonged to the most superior clan of Rajput that is Suryavanshi, the same as Maharana Pratap and a prominent family of Marwar.

5 reasons why phool kanwar of maharana pratap serial cant be jodha bai The Mystery of Maharana Pratap   Ajabde   Phool Kanwar Ends here

While Ajabde is from Bijolia-Bundi side area, Phool is from Marwar. Let’s say even though, their clans differed they were cousins but does that mean they were good friends? In addition, how come a Rajput Rathore girl with so much attitude is staying at her distant relative’s place for so long? Makes one think, right?

Ajabdeh and Phool Kanwar close friends?

 Phool Bai Rathore was 6th wife of Maharana Pratap according to Bhagwan Singh Rana’s book “Maharana Pratap” and I guess everybody by now, who are passionate about Maharana Pratap serial knows about it. This is the reason why you see her plot. Since, there is no information of Phool Kanwar either in the books or historical records, the makers just decided to bridge the gap between Ajabde and Phool by making a dramatized story. They couldn’t resist bring the Mughal angle and so they even brought Great Mughal Emperor Akbar in it. Fictionally it all sounds good but historically there is no basis of this story.

Phool and Ajab De The Mystery of Maharana Pratap   Ajabde   Phool Kanwar Ends here

Maharana Pratap Married Phool Kanwar for Political Alliance

Back in the era of Maharana Pratap, after Raja Bharmal gave his daughter’s hand to Akbar, many of the Rajputs followed the trend to avoid animosity with the Mughals. Maharana Pratap was strictly against such Rajput – Mughal marriages and so it is quite apparent that he would have married other 10 Rajput princess mainly for political alliances.

Maharana Pratap married Ajabdeh at the age of 17 that is in the year 1557 and his first son Amar Singh I was born in the year 1559, the same year when his grandfather laid the foundation of Udaipur. On the contrary, Akbar married Jodha in the year 1562, this means majority of Pratap’s marriage post 1562 was to stop Rajput kings from giving their hands to Akbar. This can be one of the reason why Phool Kanwar was married to Pratap. No wonder, Pratap even in his worst dreams couldn’t see a Marwar girl marrying a Mughal.

The love triangle created by the serial makers is only to build interest so that the Indian Television viewers stay glued to the plot and the serial continues to gain TRPs and TVTs. Didn’t the serial with the love triangles twist and turns flourish in the past?

By: Deepti Verma

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