What we believe as miracle was Lord Krishna’s understanding of science. Did you know how did he cure the hunchback Kubja?

When Shri Krishna reached Mathura in the company of Balrama and Nand, and other prominent Gopas, he went to visit the city with his Dau. During their sightseeing they came across a woman who was a hunchback, a Kubja. She was offering Raga-Lepa (scented decorative body lotion). As the two brothers took some from her, Krishna decided to cure her deformity. Unlike the common belief, there was no miracle involved here. In fact, Krishna knew the body-science very well, and made use of it. Rishi Vyaas describes in great detail the sequence of the corrective method used by him:

kubja hunchback Myths of Mahabharta – Kubja’s Cure – Miracle or Science?

अकारण करते कृपा करुणाकरण, कुब्जा के क्लेश को करते हरण,
अपने पैरों से दबाकर उसके चरण, करते हैं सीधा उसका टेढ़ा तन।
उसकी ठुड्डी के नीचे दो अंगुली धर, हैं पकड़ उठाते प्रभु उसे ऊपर,
और दो अंगुली हाथ का भाग अग्र, फिर कूबड़ के मध्य में रख कर;
धीरे से केशव ने दबाया इस भांति,  पूरी देह में जिससे फुरी क्रांति।
उपचार से हुई विकार की शांति, टेढ़ा तन हुआ सन्तुलित सुकांति।
(भागवत पुराण १०/४२)

Clearly, the method followed had a certain well-defined sequence. With the modern-day understanding of practice of chiropractors and acupressure techniques, it is easy to believe that she could be cured in this manner, without the interjection of a miracle.

chiropractor treating patient close up Myths of Mahabharta – Kubja’s Cure – Miracle or Science?

Further, on being cured she was grateful and offered herself to the one who has brought her relief from a life-long deformity. But Krishna and Balrama just laughed at her proposal and walked away. Such was the strength of his character:

कूबड को समाप्त हुआ वह जान, खडी हुई लम्बी सीधी सब स्थान,
डंडे पर लिपटी सुलता के समान, यौवन से लदी, सौन्दर्य की खान।
हर्षित-हृदया मोहित-मना नारी, कूबड-नाश के लिए अति आभारी,
हंसकर वह बोली प्रणय की मारी, “स्वीकारो मुझे, हे मोहन मुरारी।”
सुन कुब्जा के कथन दोनों कुमार, हंस दिए समझ कर उसका सार,
अद्भुत अनुग्रह पर ताली मार, चल दिए पुनः आगे कर के विचार।
(हरिवंश पुराण २/२७)

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