The coronation of Mr Narendra Modi in the ongoing executive meeting in Goa has not come as a shocker to all and sundry, the same was on expected lines and it was only the timing which had eluded the erstwhile leader to take charge of the” Lead Campaign Manager” for the upcoming Assembly as well […]

The coronation of Mr Narendra Modi in the ongoing executive meeting in Goa has not come as a shocker to all and sundry, the same was on expected lines and it was only the timing which had eluded the erstwhile leader to take charge of the” Lead Campaign Manager” for the upcoming Assembly as well as 14 Lok Sabha Polls. But as they say “The Grass is always Greener from the other side of the Rope”, this euphemism holds true for the BJP which is stranded in mire of internal strife. There has been unending voices regarding the upliftment of Mr Narendra Modi, who people think has bypassed the elite BJP leadership (read octogenarian Shri L.K Advani).

BJP Workers Celebrate After Narendra Modis Election 300x200 Namonia & Namogitis |The New Political benchmarks to reckon !!

History Repeats Itself

If time is the quantifying force to map the current BJP leadership fiasco, cut back to 2002 when under the leadership of Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee and support from eminient BJP members such as Mr Arun Shourie & Mr Yashwant Sinha, a resolution was put forward to downcast Mr Modi from the chiefministership of Gujarat due to his handling of the communal violence. Mr L.K Advani came forward as messiah for the entrapped leader. But as times change, so does the politico environment, the onetime Modi mentor is no longer seen as a supporter, his conspicuous absence from the Goa conclave holds true in this regard.

So what ails Mr L.K Advani, the man who has not even missed even a single national executive meeting since the formation of the BJP? The answer lies in the question itself, may be! Some say that BJP Patriarch is “The deserving PM Candidate” which the BJP must portray in the upcoming polls. The logic holds true due to his dedication and commitment in formulating the political roadmap of the party ever since it was given birth by the Sangh Parivar. True, the BJP as baby has grown up under the aegis of its national level leaders such as Mr Advani & Mr Vajpayee, but one cannot outrightly misconstrue the voices of the masse’s which are completed enamored by the aura of Narendra Modi. The Man in the times holds strong passion to lead up the campaign for the BJP and also drive the roadmap for the next general elections. Most of the BJP leaders have reluctantly bowed down to the mass base of Modi and are either forced to rote the dotted lines or have been conspicuously abstained or told to abstain from the Ongoing Conclave. Mr Rajnath Singh, as a clairvoyant politician he is, has been politically correct, when he says that “he has honored the liking of the Party workers and his conscience has been clear in doing so!”. Other BJP members who hold strong compliance towards Mr Advani have either reported ill-health (having Namonia or Namogitis: Terms coined as an aftermath of Modi-Magic), or have been avoiding the press. The conspicuous absence will be detrimental to the party who is for the first time entering the poll arena with all stock and barrel. The Party leadership warrants strong urgency in putting the end to this dissent and brings forth all the leaders on one podium to showcase its dwindling strength

Why Modi Stands Apart

Modi has been quite a strict administrator and always have shown the penchant and political will to showcase results. The economic resurgence which has been the key benchmark for Gujarat has been purely been envisioned by Modi. His sense of practicality and devotion to the state has given him the love and respect which he truly deserves. Under his leadership, Gujarat has been turned into cynosure of all eyes and the world looks towards his image as a no-nonsense chief minister who sees economic prudence and embarks it with political will. There has been changed stance by the World as they look up to the Gujarat model as a true example of India Shining and countries like UK, Germany & Belgium have soften their stand and are ready to invest In the Gujarat success story. India needs enigmatic leaders like Modi to revive the stalled process of policy paralysis and give the nation second wave of economic freedom which it is longing for quite some time.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge which Modi has to face while taking charge of the elite leadership of the BJP will be to handle dissent. There are strong voices of neglect empowering within the party which needs urgent attention. Prima facie top political leaders are falling in line due to the mass appeal and support of Modi (The recent “Protest” by Modi fans from Gujarat in front of Mr L.K Advani’s residence has been a case in point). The Modi wave has engulfed the media and other politico-economic scenarios in this country. Mr Modi also needs to revive the party in states like UP, Tamil Nadu, Andhra & Bengal and show his charisma in getting seats for his party (These states have considerable weightage (around 40%) in the Lok Sabha Seats in the parliament), and it would certainly be an arduous task for him to turnaround his party’s image in these states and fetch as much seats as necessary to put forward his call for the PM. Though, he firmly enjoys the support of the Sangh Parivar & Shiv Sena, he will have to sincerely showcase his strength to form corrective political alliances with parties which are hopeful of joining the bandwagon under his leadership ( here again voices of dissent have taken shape In NDA, as alliances like JD(U) have shown their reluctance to join Modi’s coronation as the PM).

The political stage has been dually set by the BJP by putting its best foot forward in a wild chase up to 7 race course road, an address which envies all and sundry and for which major truth and dares would be taking shape in run up to elections!!!

Image Source: IANS

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