Narcissism is spreading like wildfire with the advent of social media where people are obsessed with clicking selfies and posting on various platforms

The latest trend of ‘Selfie’ almost took a life. According to a news report a 22 year girl Bhumika fell into a flooded river in Raipur while she was trying to take her own picture on the banks of the river. 

Fortunately her frantic cries for help were heard and she was saved after three hours because the high tide kept her afloat in the river Kharoun. Everyone may not be as lucky.

Frankly, I don’t understand this craze for ‘Selfie’ or clicking one ‘s own picture that has suddenly gripped the world. I have no hesitation in admitting that I am old-fashioned. And I am proud of it!

SELFIE Narcissism is Fatal

We were very intrigued when we heard of the term Narcissism during our student days. The term refers to a Greek Youth Narcissus who fell in love with his own image which he saw reflected in waterI am sure if there were cameras at that time he would be clicking Selfies all day!

The American Psychiatric Association puts this trait as a ‘personality disorder’ in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 

That is why I am alarmed at the sudden trend of glorifying one’s own self which is being promoted in reality shows particularly where children are participating.

Every child who comes on the stage to participate in these so- called talent shows is asked to mouth dialogues like “I am the best.” And the cheers that follow this grandiose announcement finally get to the head of the child and he actually starts believing that he is some sort of superman.

NARCISSISM Narcissism is Fatal

I have nothing against the word ‘Best’ used by the participants in reality shows, per se. But a more judicious usage could be “I will try my best” or “I will give it my best” which are positive attributes.

But for these kids and even adults to really start believing the song “I am the best” promoted by Shahrukh Khan is unhealthy and in many case fatal when they come face to face with reality of life.

Interestingly, Shahrukh Khan himself has given this “I am the best” slogan a very interesting twist. Talking in a chat show with Anupam Kher recently Khan admitted that this term was a sort of clothing or gear he had to arm himself with everyday when going out to work. 

If I don’t tell myself that I am the best every morning I will not be able to perform” he argued.

I am sure psychiatrists would classify this trait in individuals as an inferiority complex and to be avoided like the plague.

Self-respect, dignity and confidence in one’s own abilities are one thing. But these qualities should be accompanied by humility and owning up one’s limitations because no one is perfect, not promoting Narcissism as is being  done nowadays. 

By: Amitabh Srivastava

Image Source: Selfie

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