Let’s not forget the rhythm of life & let’s not awake our ancestor within us, let’s control Monkey within us.

We all need praise for our positive actions, it has to be, but it is acceptable publically only when others admire us for being with that achievement, imagine if someone praise himself for his choice/actions/achievement what we call him, yes we call him in his back look “Monkey praise himself”

Narcissism Do You Have a Monkey Within You?

Now question is why we do that, same quality if we accept; it is known as “Appreciation & Motivation”, but when individual preach he becomes “Monkey”. To understand depth of human psychology for this behavioral pattern first understand difference between two attributes viz. “Humbleness vs. Arrogance.”

We call someone humble, when s/he accept his/her positivity & negativity without justifying himself/herself for betterment & with smiling face, whereas contrary to that if s/he shows “I am something” on his/her praise or opt for defending reaction on his/her critics we tag them as arrogant.

Loving himself is a good practice, we should be able to drive own self by this practice rather relaying on others as a source for our aspiration, but when it leads to the extreme level it touch the line of self-obsession, where we can’t see someone near to us, it’s we all the time on top of list. We eventually forget the motive of self-loving & we lost the depth of word inspiration.

Why we don’t accept someone praising himself, because that stage cross the line of humbleness & lead him/her to the arrogance. No one can be admirable for being rude/arrogant, it is a sign of negativity whereas it is positivity which hold the crown, and therefore what we expect is humbleness not the arrogance from a person. In short we want to have tab on attributes, the moment it varies in degree we try to control it by criticizing them.

Surely Monkey has two brains hence it is relatively easy for “Monkey” to deal with its complication, but we human has only one brain and we are more interested to explore it to the maximum, let’s not lose the focus, let’s not forget the rhythm of life & let’s not awake our ancestor within us, let’s control “Monkey within us”.

Admire yourself privately, pamper yourself but have control on your actions & especially on words when it comes publically, accept the fact what is for everyone, because at times you might be at other side of table to pin-point on someone for being “Monkey”.

power of words Do You Have a Monkey Within You?

These practices are made to have tab on you but not to control you. Appreciate & admire life the way it is.

By: Rajkumari Nagpal 

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