Narendra Modi has no business to discuss the internal politics of India on foreign soil and for mounting an attack on the opposition while in China

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday took pot shots at the opposition for attacking him over his foreign visits, and said he was attempting to do in a year of his government what has been left undone for the past 30 years.

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Extolling the new ‘Bhumika’ under his stewardship, The Prime Minister Modi said that India was today moving towards taking on a new global role and the world was welcoming it. He said the world places more faith on him as he was the leader of a majority government, the first one in 30 years. He said his government has also attempted to complete the work of the past three decades.

Mr Narendra Modi told the Indian diaspora in China that people once cursed themselves for being born in India.

They would say’ chhoro yaar, doob gaye, kuchh hoga nahi. Arre Bhagwan bachaye! Pata nahi pichhle janam mein kya paap kiye ki hum Hindustan mein paida ho gaye (We’re sunk; nothing is possible. Gold help us! Don’t know what sin we had committed in our past lives so that we were born in India)’.

The selective claques who prefer the foreign soil against the hardships of the country shouted “Modi, Modi”.

No one washes the dirty linen of the house at the public square. That is what our elders have always taught us.

And here are some anecdotes or pearls of wisdom from the country our Prime Minister just visited:

Ma, nin kan nin de baobei nuer ba wo gei naode, gebo quan po le.

Mom, look how your baby daughter scratched me. My whole body is scratched up.

Zhe jian shi yihouzai shuo. Danshi, jia cho buke wai yang. Mingtian shangban bier en yao shi wen le. Jin shuo zoulu bu xiaoxin ziji shuai de.

We will talk about this later but don’t wash your dirty linen in public. If people at office ask you tomorrow, just say you accidently fell while walking.

Zhe jian shi jiu zanmen jig e zhidao, jia chou buke wai yang. Shei ye buxo shuo chuqu.

Only a few of us know about this issue. One doesn’t wash dirty linen in public; no one is allowed to discuss this outside.

Surrounded by sycophants and aspirants of any berth in the entourage, our PM is crossing the continents on the regular basis, beating all the records of previous Indian Prime Ministers. It is still a victory march. Let us recall some anecdotes of the victory march of NDA.

The most powerful minister after the PM in the present cabinet, in public perception, Mr Arun Jaitley, who had lost in the general election, while addressing a conference of annual state tourism ministers once said quite soon after coronation, “A law and order problem, one small incident of rape in Delhi advertised world over is enough to cost us millions of dollars in terms of lower tourism. So we have a national responsibility especially when God has blessed us with everything, which a tourist wants to see. We just have to catalyze that process and make sure that we take the right steps.”

Could Mr Jaitly claim that there has been a dip in the crime graph against women since NDA came to power? Public memory is not that weak and the statement of parents of Nirbhaya still echoes in the country skies: “If present government can’t provide safety to women, the promise on which they were elected to rule, they should resign.”

Latest shoot-out at Asaram Bapu’s case witness speaks loudly of law and order situation in the country.

Petrol / Diesel are the life blood of the economy and the State-run fuel retailers on this Friday raised petrol price by Rs 3.13 a litre and diesel by Rs 2.71, including state levies in Delhi, on the back of falling value of the rupee. The increase in other states will vary depending on local taxes. After the latest revision, petrol costs Rs 66.29 a litre in Delhi and diesel Rs 52.28 from Saturday.

This is the fourth increase in fuel prices this year and second in a row in the last 15 days.

There is NO respite in the threatening statements and intimidating harangues from the RSS campus. The one year of NDA has broken all records of verbal minority bashing since the concepts of minorities were introduced in the civilized world. His silence against the backdrop of raising threats to minorities didn’t help his image as a hardcore follower of Hindutva. It falls in sharp contrast with the image of Atal ji or Jaswant Singh and many ordinary members of the BJP itself, let alone the rest of the country.

In this hazy and confused atmosphere if a Prime Minister of our country mocks the previous government of UPA and boasts the non-existing achievements, it fails to make any logic and stops short of Narcissism.

Narendra Modi has started his journey to the high seat of Indraprastha with several strident promises while his supported were curiously celebrating his victory. Black Money, Achche Din, Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas, Strong Defence etc.

Now, there is a galore of bales for convicted criminals and no rap on the knuckles of those who are polluting the secular ethos of the country. The hapless Farmer is watching the sky and waiting to know what the destiny has in store for him. A BJP minster says that even God would not help the farmer.  The ANN DATA of the Bharat Ma has been reduced to someone who is in the line of sacrificial goats to make the richest of India still richer. The economic slowdown, the falling rupee, the Naxalite (Maoist) threat and the appeasement of majority by the state are among his top concerns.  In the name of Ancient Culture, one religion is being promoted at the expense of other faiths. The comment that ‘it is time for a change’ doesn’t hold water. Nothing is changing for the poor man. Empty pass-books mocks by the stands they are kept.

The wiped and dusted off version of ‘India Shining!’ had worked miraculously in the last general election. How much India is shining now would reveal to anyone who visits the government offices, police stations and buys his / her home groceries. The farce of the NDA about India ’emerging global force’ back fired when even the tiny country Nepal stopped short of refusing the India help for earthquake victims. The elder bother behaved too big.

True, there is no dearth of RSS wallas who actually want to elevate Modi to the status of a modern-day Sri Rama, while ignoring the obvious lack of redeeming qualities of Rama that one may find in the story of Ramayana.

Modi’s PR firm, APCO Worldwide had once staged a media stunt making him the hero in the rescue of over 15,000 Gujaratis from disaster-affected areas. This quickly earned him the title ‘Rambo Modi’ among his critics as well as supporters. Unfortunately for him, neither the number nor the mesmerizing manner in which he supposedly saved the distraught pilgrims (claims of Modi-sponsored choppers air-dropping rescue personnel were abundant in the immediate aftermath of the disaster) turned out to be accurate.

How myths fill up the blanks in a popular hero’s story even when he is alive!

There is an enormous bubble inflated with divisive communal politics, anti-people neoliberal policies, false development claims and a deeply Sanatan Style Worship.

Narendra Modi had no business to discuss the internal politics of India on foreign soil and the Congress has rightly accused him for “mounting a disgraceful and distasteful attack on the opposition” in China, saying that his “obsession to target opposition and its leaders repeatedly on foreign soil is deplorable and unacceptable”. He has done it again. Were there no achievements in last the 67 years? It was n ‘new low’ in practicing despicable politics. From Canada to China, the Prime Minister continues to repeat this historical blunder with scant regard to dissent, opposition and norms of conduct of the high office of Prime Minister.

How far the country could go along?

By Naim Naqvi

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