Narendra Modi needs to re design his priority to augment the agriculture produce- If Indian farmers will be happy only then India will flourish

India is agriculture intensive country. As per one survey 65% of total workforce belongs to agriculture sector contributing about 14% in national GDP through agriculture produce. But more often we hear suicide cases of  farmers from different regions. Naturally the question arises – why not our farmer brothers are happy? The reasons are many.

modi farmers The Plight of the Indian Farmers

Growing population fragmented the agriculture land in such small pieces that scientific farming most of the times are not economical.Irrigation in fracture have not been devloped intensively by the government. Individually farmers have invested in agriculture in fracture but same have been proved scanty in new age of technology. We can take land of In- do-gangetic plain  consisting of UP & north Bihar & partly West Bengal.

This part of land is most fertile land in the world but migration of labors are too high perhaps highest in the country. Reasons are fragmented land, absence of infrastructure to fight with drought & flood. Farmers are highly indebted causing poor living stander, migration, malnutrition, & all ills with them. Our planner adopted  subsidy plan in fertilizer & in different agriculture constituents. But it does not worked well as the same least reached to small farmers. 

This time in Mann Ki Bat our PM devoted entire episode to issue related to farmers, thanks to Land Acqusition Bill facing problem to go through in Upper house due to lack of majority to the ruling party.He was sympathetic to to the plight of farmers affected by hostile weather condition particularly recent rainfall causing damage to wheat & other agriculture products. Modi need to design agriculture policy giving heavy thrust  on agriculture sector as it has greater challenge posed recently perhaps as never before.

Agriculture infrastructure needs heavy investment, can be done by government both state & center should come together to boost creation of infrastructure.Individual farmers have increased investment in irrigation & technology but that are not suffice. Fragmented market is another area which badly effect the farmers.Unification are needed. Modern infrastructure, unification of agriculture market, Chakbani. i.e.Unification of small land holding & technology diffusion are key to improving agriculture production.

Modi needs to re design his priority to augment the agriculture produce. One fact we must remember that if Anndata will be happy only then India will flourish.

By: Dr. Dinesh Mishra

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