The crumbling state of the Indian economy calls desperately for a strong leader. Even if the answer lies in Narendra Modi, an effective and inclusive political campaigning will be required for a positive outcome.

India is going through a very difficult period, high inflation with low growth due to mismanagement of the economy in the absence of a strong leadership. People of this country have realized the need for a strong leader, like Narendra Modi who will take the country forward and make India an economic super power house. However a section of this society is, unfortunately, grossly illiterate in its politics, aware that change is warranted, yet completely clueless with regards to where to start. Political Parties exploit the ignorance of the masses by making false claims and promises and try to garner votes and to a certain extent they succeed also. In case of Delhi assembly elections the AAP exactly did the same thing, by diverting the attention of the people posing itself as a clean, honest party and an alternative to the large national parties like the Congress and the BJP. Eventually the AAP landed up in an awkward situation, where it couldn’t take a decision to form the government.

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Therefore it is essential for the BJP to go for all out micro level campaigning and establish the following-

1. Explain that BJP has an established track record in governance

2. Pass Lokpal Bill to demonstrate that it is committed to eradicate corruption

3. Strong measures should be taken to improve the economy so as to make India an economic super powerhouse.

4. Bring back the money taken out of this country.

The BJP should give more importance to the southern states, especially Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Kerala where the party doesn’t have a strong base. The first step would be to conduct a secret opinion poll to find out the BJP’s position in comparison with the other parties, and prepare a comprehensive plan to improve its vote share. In Tamil Nadu it is a tricky affair, the BJP should have a clear understanding with Jayalalitha that she will hold BJP in the formation of the government and in case there is a fractured mandate and if a possibility arises of the third front coming to power the BJP will help her to become the PM (probably this would make her happy). These discussions with Jayalalitha can be done only by Narendra Modi.


I had the opportunity of meeting a number of college students who are willing to help the BJP in campaigning but reluctant to do so for other parties. It has been planned to conduct seminars, workshops to stress upon the importance of good governance , health, education, alleviating poverty etc. Door to door campaigning in rural areas, recording their grievances and giving them acknowledgement receipts will establish good rapport with local people. Children and senior citizens will be covered by special campaign; in effect the BJP and Modi for PM slogan will be popularized in every nook and corner of the state. In addition to above mentioned points, campaigning through social networking tool, the urban population can be taken care of. Since the BJP’s presence is weak in southern states, innovative campaign methods have to be adopted. These are only very few examples illustrated here there are more number of campaign methods are being worked out so as to get 60 to 65 seats in southern states barring Karnataka.

By Mohan M Gobal

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Image Source: By Narendra Modi [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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