Narendra Modi has very evidently put aside his stains of the 2002 riots and emerged as the only strong BJP candidate for the elections n 2014, but in the process he has side-stepped the veteran leader L.K. Advani and a few others. He has been unstoppable for a while now, but he has a herculean task ahead of him: to translate his popularity onto votes in the upcoming elections and to win the support of his own party; failure to do so will put him right back where he was in 2002.

Rolling over the Social Networking site and scaling up on the doodles and cartoons, we have witnessed Narendra Modi progressing online from almost a year now. Offline too, he has being wooing the Indians from years through Gujarat’s alleyways and roads. Once just a humble Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) cadre, the Gujarat CM has now been anointed as the prime lead for the 2014 Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections. Finally, BJP has done the predictable but in the process, the party has also done the improbable – sidelining the patriarch, the man who had laid the very foundation of the party with Atal Bihari Vajpayee – “Lal Krishna Advani.”

Narendra Modi Potrait 300x275 Mission Prime Minister: Here comes the unstoppable Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi , Image Source : IANS

Going by the flashbacks, Modi became a household name after the Godhra Riots of 2002. It may seem very paradoxical now but it was Advani who had saved Modi when the then PM AB Vajpayee decided to sack Modi post the riots. Today, the ailing leader finds “The Gujarat ka Gaurav” as his nemesis and so for the very first time in his career, the senior leader skipped the National BJP executive meet in Goa. Leaders not attending the meet besides the octogenarian leader were the BJP regulars Uma Bharti, Jaswant Singh, Shatrughan Sinha and Yashwant Singh who were also not seen at the venue. But that doesn’t stop the uproar of the emerging NaMo to make a mark on the state-run politics, does it? And if not Modi, then who else?

BJP with or without Advani did not had much options left because neither Advani, Arun Jaitley, Shivraj Chauhan nor Sushma Swaraj in the coming elections would be able to gather as much votes for BJP as Narendra Modi can. Besides, although he might not be appreciated amongst few, post his victory in the state elections the party workers have been chanting his name to be the front face of the 2014 polls. Thus, it became a safe game for the BJP President and his men to gamble on the Gujarat man rather than betting on the “wait and watch” game.

Had LK Advani given his personal blessings to him, it would have been a “sone pe suhaga” event for Mr. Modi but since Advani was not at the event and has expressed the opposite sentiments, it is quite obvious that Modi will not only have to prove the entire nation but also his own party men. Modi knows that if BJP doesn’t come in majority in the next polls and he is not able to give his best, then the BJP doors will be practically closed for him. No wonder, Modi has to mollify the veteran leader and also earn the likings of Sushma Swaraj.

The alliance on the other hand seems to be happy with the BJP’s decision as both, Shiromani Akhali Dal and Shiv Sena have received the verdict on a positive note. And Modi is more likely to bring Jayalalitha too. However, how about Nitish Kumar who cannot stand in front of Modi? In addition allies in the form of Mayawati and Chandrababu Naidu, will Modi be able to get in their support?  Besides, will “The HINDUTVA LEADER” be able to make an impact in the states of UP which sends a large number of Member of Parliaments to the Lower House?

It is evident that Modi has left behind him the stain of 2002 riots in Gujarat and has emerged successfully as the pillar of expansion and growth but if he fails in the 2014 election, he may then shrink back as regional leader who could not transit from the local to the national level. However, on the contrary if he creates an impact, then he might get the complete hold of the party and who knows even the nation.

This powerful man has been making news all over the places now – Facebook, Twitter, Newspaper, Magazine, TV. But the million dollar question still remains, will the unstoppable Narendra Modi be able to translate his popularity into votes for his mission – Prime Minister?

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