The BJP is banking on the charisma of Narendra Modi to sweep the 2014 elections. However,  is there still a long way to go before the nation gets prepared to accept the NaMo mantra as its collective chant?

With elections round the corner, the political landscape of this country has heated up with all parties reaching out to the Aam Admi and asking for favors in order to be at the centre stage. Elections this time for the BJP is much more important due to two factors, firstly, it has been quite a long time since the party is sitting on the other side of the bench and it becomes quite imperative to outcast their political Rivals (Congress) and thus form the government at the centre.

Narendra Modi Pune Rally 300x186 NaMo Mantra   A Political Démarche

Narendra Modi at A Rally, Image Source : IANS

Secondly, never after Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee left the political mentorship of BJP, the incumbency factor is so strong for Mr Narendra Modi and his class of politics. The man has single handedly made himself indispensable for political strife for his arch rivals, both within and outside the BJP. But what makes Narendra Modi what he is today?

Firstly, his single minded focus to achieve his objectives and goals. He is termed as a man of his word in Gujarat and works with a formidable team of ground level workers, not to mention a charade of IAS and IPS think-tanks, who objectify almost each and every sphere of “HIS GUJARAT” (a term he coins in every speech of his).

Secondly, as a shrewd politician, as he is, he makes no stone unturned to take an opportunity both within and outside his political demarche, be it landing himself in New Delhi and meeting top bosses of the party to take their “Blessings” or for economic reasons, making his present felt in Japan and convincing the Maruti top bosses to set up their plant in Gujarat (after the Manesar, Gurgaon fiasco). These quick fix decisions clearly defy the lacklustre approach of the Congress leadership and make Modi the man of the moment as he is now. Alternatively, he is probably the first of the politicians in this generation, who is using the media as a pawn to showcase his emblem of political stature, not to mention the level of work he has done in his home state Gujarat. Termed as a “Media Caricature” by many, he is all for a laugh when he created specified teams for projecting his achievements in the virtual world ( he has formed teams to deal with the social media along with print and electronic media, with a sole purpose of his image build up, towards run up to elections’14)

So what should Mr Modi be doing to outcast his political rivals and be a formidable political personality so that people start calling him “Mr Prime Minister”. There are few key susceptible points which need urgent attention.

Firstly, He should be primarily focusing his attention in the internal strife which the BJP is going through. The recent Advani-Modi stiff sent a wrong signals to the electorate, who think BJP as a national party is all functioning well and thus should be given a chance to form the government.

Secondly, as has been enumerated so many times in various media circles, the man needs to showcase his human side towards the damage which has been done to Muslim votes (a congress bastion) during his rule in Gujrat. Starting from Godhra riots to Ishrat Jahan’s case, the Muslim fraternity does not take Mr Modi as a man of grit to take an open stand for them.

Thirdly, the fast deteriorating economic stability can be taken as a blessing in disguise for Modi, and he can showcase his Gujarat model well to the foreign as well as domestic investors and convert this folly of the Congress towards his side. He can surely turn the tide on this opportunity as the electorate (mainly the poor and middle class) are on the receiving end of the falsifying economic progression of this country. The young connect themselves to the vision of Mr Modi and see a ray of hope in him if he chairs the coveted post.

Fourthly, Mr Modi should seek alliance from the split groups such as Trinamool’s Mamta banerjee, AIADMK;s Jayalalita (she has already spoken in favor of Mr Modi), Yeddyurappa etc and work out a pre-poll seat sharing formula in the bastions, where BJP exists nowhere. He should take into consideration the 150 plus seats (Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu,Kerela, Karnataka, West Bengal combined) which hold the key for him to steer his party to victory. He can also set up his confidants to deal with regional political parties and arrive at a seat sharing formula (the way has begun with showcasing confidence in Mr Amit Shah and dispatching him to UP to take the stock of the situation and come up with a policy for garnering much seats In upcoming general elections).

Finally, the BJP top brass should waste no time in announcing Mr Narendra Modi to be the candidate for the Prime Minster, if the party wins in general elections 2014,not doing so now, the party would be doing disservice to the erstwhile ‘prized catch’ leader who has branded himself beyond many within the ranks and files of the BJP. The man should be given credit to be what he has become due to his sheer astute political vision and also his deliverance over a period of time, considering quite well that he belongs to no political dynasty of sorts!!!

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