Uttar Pradesh the game changer has voted for Narendra Modi. Will NaMo Oblige the hope and faith of the people of UP?

First of all let me Congratulate Narendra Modi for a historic win especially in the state of Uttar Pradesh which is often considered as a game changer in the Lok Sabha Elections. From merely 10 seats in 2009 election to straight 72 seats in 2014 clearly shows the “Hope” and “Faith” of UPites in Modi who in spite of having biggest leaders in the Parliament from time immemorial could never see the real development in their state.

While ministers of Bihar, WB, and other states after gaining a major role or ministry at the center always tried their best to develop their home state, none of the ministers of UP ever tried to bring any real development in the state of UP, especially the east UP. No wonder, the people ducked out the so called Behenji, the Samajvidrohi Party and even the age old Congress Party, only because it was high time for the largest populated state of India to witness some “real” development.

Narendra Modi Victory 5 Hopes that Narendra Modi Need to Oblige in Uttar Pradesh

BJP Prime Ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi during a rally in Krishnanagar of West Bengal’s Nadia district on May 7, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Hope 1 – Ab Ki Baar, Har Ghar Ho “Bijli” se Saakar

Bijli – Electricity is one of the major problems faced by the people of UP. There are 16 to 20 hours load shedding in the rural areas while 4 to 6 hours in the city. People in the state of UP voted for Modi because they thought like Gujarat, if Modi Sarkar comes in UP they will get rid of this everyday obstacle.

bjp bijli 5 Hopes that Narendra Modi Need to Oblige in Uttar Pradesh

Hope 2 – Ab Ki Baar, Humei Bhi Mile Yatayat Aur Sanchar 

While campaigning for Satyapal Singh against Ajit Singh in Meerut, Modi had rightly pointed out the two major obstacle faced by the people of UP – Yatayat and Sanchar that is Transportation and Communication. No wonder, many of the major cities of UP are still devoid of airports. And even if there are airports, there is hardly any connectivity.

If you Google flights from Mumbai to Gorakhpur, you will see there is no direct flights in spite of Gorakhpur being a district which not only has a large population but also connects the neighboring country of Nepal.

You’ll be surprise to know that it actually has no airport, the domestic flights that hardly operate runs on the air force base which is actually a military facility. Not just Gorakhpur but many major districts of UP face the same problem which I think Narendra Modi has already researched about.

Hope 3 – Ab Ki Baar, Mile Humei Bhi Maharashtra, Gujarat Aur Bengal Ka Pyaar

Though UP has good amount of both fertile as well as industrial land, we see many of the people rushing from UP to various states including Maharashtra, Punjab, West Bengal and Gujarat. Off late, the condition of these migrants have become so bad that these people despite earning good under the laws is often seen as a virus.

Choti Ganga 5 Hopes that Narendra Modi Need to Oblige in Uttar Pradesh

These migrant workers are teased as “Bhaiya” and disrespected as if they are pest who have come to make their state filthy. People have voted for Modi because they felt that Modi had the capability of replicating the Gujarat Model in UP which of course will help these migrants to settle in their own state and avoid getting insulted in other states for no reason.

Hope 4 – Ab Ki Baar, Rail Layegi Modi Sarkar

UP being the most populated state in the country has its populace spread across the country. However, the route of communication to move to and fro across the country for the common man that is “Railway” is not even half as good as some of the other states in India. The reason? None of the elected ministers ever tried to increase the number of trains from UP to other places.

We saw Bihar’s railway line flourishing during the tenure of Laloo Prasad Yadav as Railway Minister and even West Bengal’s during Didi’s period. However, the same could never be possible for UP though it always played a major role through the very beginning .

Hope 5 –  Ab Ki Baar, UP Mai Bhi Ho Ga Infrastructure

UP is way behind in Infrastructure. Although every third top politician likes to stand from this state, none of the ministers ever tried to look into the infrastructure of this state. While, Mulayam Singh Yadav made some development in  UP West, east UP still remains neglected. People of UP, especially east UP who unconditionally supported Modi are no eagerly wanting to see the “Change” they always yearned.

modi manifesto varanasi 5 Hopes that Narendra Modi Need to Oblige in Uttar Pradesh

If Modi can keep alive the faith in them, UP will always see the saffron wave, if not then people would obviously switch sides in the future.

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